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in Toronto it rains every fucking year during the tournament.

And it's always the same story, it rains, they come with those useless machines and 400 guys with towels, when the court is dry then it starts raining again.

It they could at least keep the court dry, then they could take advantage of the moments when it's not raining.

I asked this year why on earth they don't cover the f*ing court so when it stops raining, oh surprise! it's dry.

They gave me a half-assed answer, that they can't do that because of the material.

Give me a fucking break, you can cover anything. But I think it's too difficult to come up with something that makes sense. I am sure they can get come cover of a material that wouldn't allow the rain to go through, it's a freaking 17 million dollars tournaments so I am sure they can afford it.

That wouldn't solve the problem as well as a roof but it's a hell lot cheaper and faster to setup and at least it will allow play to resume quickly, but hey, that would mean to show common sense, by far the less common sense.
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