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why are WE so bad in tennis?

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Norwegian tennis is almost a joke compared to our neigbour counrties, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and off cause Russia. I could have started a seroius discussion about why, but if you watch carefully on this picture from out national championships last week, you may get a clue.
personly I have never seen those raquets used in other countries as they used in the Mix double final
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I imagine that it's frusterating to have such little tennis success when the countries around you are just booming with talent. I really sympathize with the US on this one... they must really wonder how we do it in Canada!
maybe if you weren't so obsessed with skiing there would be more time for people to take up tennis. i know in sweden it could have something to do with their extensive indoor facilities, and the fact that their climate is a bit warmer i think. russia is usually the whole determination factor. finland and denmark aren't exactly producing quality players left right and centre.

i'm sure norway will have it's period of domination in the tennis world. maybe.
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