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I wanted to look at who's winning this year.
I also needed a way to differentiate between the stronger and the weaker tournament in weeks there were 2 or 3.
"The Main Event" - Is all the winners of the strongest tournarmant every week so ar this year.
"the Undercard" - is all the other tournament winners. Theoretically, these were easier tournaments to win.

The Main Event

Dec 31 T3 Williams, V - Gold Coast
Jan 07 T2 Hingis - Sydney
Jan 14 GS Capriati - OZ
Jan 28 T1 Hingis - Toray Pan Pacific
Feb 04 T2 Williams, V - Open Gaz de France
Feb 11 T2 Williams, V - Antwerp
Feb 18 T2 Mauresmo - Dubai

The Undercard

Dec 31 T4 Smashnova - Auckland
Jan 07 T5 Smashnova - Canberra
Jan 07 T5 Sucha - Hobart

Jan 14 No Undercard (OZ)
Jan 28 No Undercard (Toray Pan Pacific)
Feb 04 No Undercard (Open Gaz de France)

Feb 11 T3 Seles - Doha

Feb 18 T3 ????? - Copa Colsanitas
Feb 18 T3 ????? - Memphis

Based on this, I'd have to rank the players. Remember, it's just 2002.

01 Jenn - She won OZ, so she's won the year so far, as far as I'm concerned.

02 Venus - Won three tournaments. (T2, T2, T3)
02 Martina - Won two tournaments. (T1, T2)

If the Tier I's are important, than maybe it should outweigh the extra T3 Venus has.
A tie is a the assesment of a lazy mind, but I'm not feeling energetic.

04 Amelie - Just won Dubai

So far so good ....

05 Smashnova
06 Seles

Smashnova over Seles. Every program has it's bugs. So it isn't THAT good a predictor of results. This is a first effort, not a finished product.)

07 Sucha

What this tells me is that, even w/o Serena and Lindsay to help them, Venus, Jenn and Martina have a stranglehold on the big tournaments every week. And when someone else breaks through, it's from a very small group. (Henin, Clijsters, Dokic, Seles, Mauresmo.)

Then I look at Anna Smashnova, already winning two titles this year. Or Alexandra Stevenson in the Memphis final instead of losing in the 1st or 2nd round at Dubai. I think the top ten may be so far ahead of the rest of the tour, that players who really want to learn how to win an entire tournament may have to play the lesser tournament in two tournament weeks. And some of the top ten may follow Monica's lead insearch of macth play. Which means it's gonna be a lot harder for players ranke in the 30's and 40's to get tour wins.

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By any chance are you a Williams' fan. The Gold Coast and Doha are both tier 3 - therefore why class Venus' win in the Gold Coast above Seles'. Granted Venus beat a better player but REALLY!!!!!

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Actually Martina is ahead of Venus. She played only three tourneys to Venus's FIVE tourneys and yet has about 300 pts more than Venus. Also Martina made it to the finals of Oz and Venus lost in the quarters . Venus won Paris in a walkover too.

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PJ - It's not organized by Tier. All I did was put the highest ranking tournament for any given week in the top group. The week of Gold Coast, there were two tournaments, a Tier III and a TIer IV. The week of Doha, there were two tournaments. A Tier II and A Tier III. Sometimes a Tier II is the higher Tier tournament, sometimes it's not.

As it happens, I was about to post the year up to Roland Garros. So you can see how it's organized without worrying about who's gonna win.

Upcoming ..... The Main Event

Feb 25 T2 Scottsdale
Mar 04 T1 Indian Wells
Mar 18 T1 Miami
Apr 01 No Primary Tournament
Apr 08 T2 Amelia Island
Apr 15 T1 Family Circle Cup
Apr 29 T2 Hamburg
May 06 T1 Berlin
May 13 T1 Rome
May 20 No Primary Tournament
May 27 GS Roland Garros

Upcoming ..... The Undercard

Feb 25 T3 Acapulco
Mar 04 T1 No Secondary Tournament
Mar 18 T1 No Secondary Tournament
Apr 01 T4 Porto
Apr 01 T4 Sarasota - Dokic
Apr 08 T4 Estoril
Apr 15 T5 Budapest
Apr 29 T3 Croatian Bol
May 06 T4 Warsaw
May 13 No Secondary Tournament
May 20 T3 Madrid
May 20 T3 Strasbourg
May 27 No Secondary Tournament

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It doesn't really matter how Venus's year is vs Martina. Jenn has had the year they both wanted so far.

Of far greater interest to me is, will the top ten spread out over the lesser tournaments are well? Especially as Lindsay and Serena and Kim return, the competition of match play may grow fierce.
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