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Who's going to the Shanghai tourny?

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Looks like I'm going there as I have a friend there.
I'm wondering how I can get the tickets.
If there's anyone else going, would be nice to see ya there.
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You are very lucky to be able to go. I suppose that the best solution is to ask your friend to pick-up some tickets for you ;) .

I don't think that the available contact details will help you.

Nobuo Ariyoshi - Tournament Representative & Tournament Director

Michael Luevano - Co-Tournament Director
Shanghai Ba-Shi Building, Room 1608
525 Jianguo Road East
Shanghai, 200025 P.R. China
Fax: 86-21-6386-0871

EMAIL: [email protected]
EMAIL: [email protected]
Kaz, urayamashii!

Gee..u damn lucky, Kaz! ;) Hey, let's pray that Angie could play here in S'hai...It is just right after Wismilak in Bali!!! U can support Angie then...I know, you have been wondering if she would play in Tokyo...your wish may come true... :cool:
There are basically two ways of getting the tickets. You can drop in to any Kodak photo shops or other accociated points in Shanghai to buy the tickets. Or there are a portion of tickets that are distributed by the sponsors free of charge. You can enquire the various sponsors including Shanghai Volkswagon, Heineken, Shanghai Ba-Shi, adidas, etc. Last year if you buy 2 pack of Heineken beer you can get 1 ticket free.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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