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Osaka also won her first slam after 3 consecutive defeats, I am sure that she has something to proof. She is not defending anything, and Kobe's death is not too fresh on her mind like it was at the Fed Cup. I see that se and her hitting partner always training or this days, with her sister.

Andreescu is very confident, her body has healed up, although she said the other day that the courts were still closed.
Serena... not really sure, her IG and that of hubby is just full of them baking all types of no-good carbohydrates.
Keys definitely has a change, seems to be eating healthy and getting fit with Bjorn, the same with Sloane.

You just never know with some of these players, I think Kenin is the only who doesn't play some of these coy games.
I thought Serena has looked pretty good as has Venus tbh.

Also random- has anyone seen Kuznetsova lately? She’s the skinniest I have ever seen her in her entire career and really looks great.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts