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I think that Amy just went down the rankings because not wanting to play since NY

I´ve no idea how she is connected to that personally ( victims, history anything ) or maybe it was fear to fly or an injury or anything - I don´t think she´ll go down but up so maybe this is it

2002 though might be her last season and she is the FIRST candidate for retirement

I think that Conchita and Arantxa same as Coetzer Seles Testud and Farina all won´t retire in 2002 but 2003 maybe ; not because it´s just my wish but I don´t see them retiring if coming back 2002 in the first case or stabilizing form and results in the second case

For Farina or Testud retiring in a season after their best season, I´m sceptical

I don´t see Monica and Coetzer retiring, definetly not ; Amanda might use this travelling with Lori to increase her doubles ambition now anyway
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