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Hey, Bulgar, Chanda is only 25! She's already lost a few years of her career to injury. Don't take any more away from her. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

I think you have to look at each player's individual situation. A woman athlete who is extremely fit can maintain her top physical level until at least age 32, and some can go a few years beyond. (Look at all of the top track athletes around age 35-36 or so.)

Two factors contribute to a players' decision to retire: injuries, or loss of motivation. Players lose motivation when they get tired of the grind, or figure they'll never reach (or get back to) their ranking goals. Ironically, players who have had more success can be greater candidates because they've achieved their career goals, and they're used to being successful. Reaching the occasional semi or final won't satisfy them.
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