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sadly, Elena L probably wont be representing Russia
the way Anastasia's been playing, and her Tier II title points
will be evaporating in a couple of weeks, it's possible to see
her out of TOP 20 soon, which means it's gonna be a pretty
cool fight for those 3 spaces, or hopefully 4
my pick
1. Vera Z
2. Sveta
3. Maria S
send out the teens...:)
werent Elena and Nastya 18 when they played in Sydney
pretty cool lineup eh....:D
4. Dementieva

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they do go by the ranking though right?
even though i think Dementieva is
probably the most famous tennis player after
Anna K and Maria S in Russia with her silver medal,
if she is not ranked high enough, she still cant go,
Jen didnt go in 2000 right?...

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TheBoiledEgg said:
one for sure will be Dementieva
next yr is too far away
alot can happen in that time
plus August is not a good time to be in Athens ( way too hot, thats when the Greeks get away)

Shamil Tarpischev will choose
as long as you make yourself available for Fed Cup then you are eligible to play Olympics

you don't have to go by ranks.
if they dont, then wont there be controversies?
how many are they sending next yr anyways?
coz the Olympics entrants should start gaining points now.
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