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Shooter said:
I watched the whole match and took lots of pics. But it will be a few days before I post them. Saw Angie play a week ago in the Acura too. She's playing better this week.

Haven't seen Tu enough to know how well she is capable of playing. In this match she just couldn't finish off the points. Meilin seems to really like getting into hard baseline rallies. She just seems to enjoy the physicality of it. But she couldn't finish off the points yesterday. She had to win points by her opponents making unforced, or slightly forced errors. If it came down to Meilin actually having to hit a winner, she couldn't do it. She blew many easy volleys and her overhead was pretty bad. But worst of all was her serve. I've never seen a pro double fault so much. In some games she had 3 or 4 double faults. She double faulted on games points, and I believe she double faulted on match point. In short, the only time Meilin really seemed to be in that match was when they were in the middle of a baseline rally. During those moments she's a little dynamo. Her body language is very positive and she seems to be having a good time. But when it was time to finish off the point, she just wasn't nearly as good as Angelique or most of the other qualifiers I saw. That's my take on the match. I'm no expert.
Melien had some great forehand shots to the down-the-line.
yeah, she had problems finishing off the point... such as smash, drive-volley... and double faults!
Was that the end of the first set? She had 3 double-faults in one game?

Angie, instead, she was really calm during the match. She could hit really hard, and sometimes use the pace-down shots.

Too bad Angie lost today... :(
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