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Who was the REAL #1 in 2004?

A fair question.

In 2003, Rena DOMINATED tennis with her AUSTRALIAN OPEN and WIMBLEDON TITLES, plus other fine, outstanding wins in Paris and Miami. Rena's power game was impossible to handle for the other professionals. Rena is a true AMERICAN. She's so strong. So muscular. She fights to the end, and has such a fighting spirit that he will not stop until she's destroyed all her enemies around the world. There's no "neutrality" in Rena. She's fierce. She's a tiger. Rena defines the word, "Champion"!

In 2004, Davenport managed to sneak away with the #1 ranking... taking advantage of some Rena injuries.

In a poll I held at the US Open this year, I asked 200 of the best tennis fans in the world, who they thought the best player in the world was.

The results:

194 - Serena WILLIAMS (USA)
3 - Venus WILLIAMS (USA)
1 - Lindsay DAVENPORT (USA) (From this crabby Hingis lookalike.)
1 - Amelie MAURESMO (FRA)

97% of REAL tennis fans KNOW that SERENA WILLIAMS (USA) is not just the best #1 player of the past 2 years. With this ENORMOUS percentage, Serena is certainly the best player EVER.


Rena is a ray of sunshine in the otherwise gloomy world of US Women's Tennis.

And she's only getting better. At 23.

It's not a question of IF she'll win another slam, but WHEN she passes Navratilova' mark of 18 Grand Slams.

Grand Slams are what make a player's career. Not winning Tokyo.

Plus, Rena is a successful businesswoman.
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