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Who says the Williams do nothing for tennis???

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They are making appearance after appearance in New York while the US Open is going on which is helping to promote women's tennis and give all the no-WS at a GS talk a rest. Because they are in New York, they are just not playing.
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dekker said:
hmmmm....... did you watch the VMA's tonight? Guess not. They degraded the sport that made them rich and were introduced with a in-appropriate race driven comment.
How did they degrade the sport, and I didn't see the comment they were introduced on. You have to remember they don't write the stuff they are reading nor do they know how they will be introduced. Actually I wasn't even thinking of the VMAs when I started this thread.
dekker said:
I know it's not them who wrote it. I'm totally not blaming them for it. Something about how they beat down all the white girls on tour. WHy not just say girls? Like it was a little ridiculous. They said something about the VMA's being better than the OPen yadda yadda yadda. It was that much of a big deal tho.
Oh well you can't blame them for that. They beat everyone down, not just the white girls. LOL!! J/K ;) And about them saying they should have attended the VMA's more while the Open was going on, once again I'm sure they didn't write that, and from their other interviews and appearances they said how badly they wanted to play there(especially Venus). You have to expect things on the VMA's to be said in jest especailly when a comedian is hosting.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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