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Who is Anna Bastrikova? There is hardly any...

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information about her on the internet. I'm glad she is playing well at the Orange Bowl. As we Americans say, she is as fit as a fiddle! Her ITF juniors bio says she weighs 57 kilograms. I don't believe it. Why isn't she considered as good a prospect as Dinara Safina, Svetlana Kuznetsova or Vera Zvonareva? She's certainly in better shape than they are. And to say she is nice looking is an understatement! Why aren't the tennis agents drooling over her? Everyone, such as IMG, is looking for the next Anna Kournikova. Well, here she is! And her name is Anna!
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Anna doesn't seek the limelight , she lets her tennis do the talking.

I know she's just as good but she's a little bit behind the others at present.

Watch her go in 2002, plus she normally saves her best for ITF tourns.
Eggy, which players out of those four players that you list for 2002 would you expect to break into Top 100 in 2002? I think, Kusnetsova. Zvonareva is also quite likely. Safina and Bastrikova would be longshots for Top 100 next year, I think..
Kuznetsova i'm pretty sure about.

Vera is a bit iffy , her results on ITF were largely disappointing but hopefully that can change , her 2000 rank was boosted cos of her 1 win over Elena Bovina in Moscow , when Elena blew a set and 4-0 lead , so at least she's steadied the ship.

Also Vera is planning on going Pro after this tourn , so I don't want to see her playing juniors in 2002 which would be counter-productive.

Anna and Dinara are a year or so behind but they should make more progress up ranks , Dinara should have played here to get a top 10 rank which would have given her 3 Junior Exempts into maindraws , but she's injured.

Anna plays beautifully with timing and hits her fair share of winners , 2003 will be more her time to hit the limelight.

Anna and Dinara will do some great stuff in juniors next year along with Vera Douchevina.

Dinara should be 2002 ITF Junior Champ
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Thanks for the thoughts. Dinara world junior champion? How? She plays less than the Williams sisters!
only best 6 ranks count and I know she will do it , can't see anyone stop her in 2002, there will be no Kuznetsova , Birnerova , Kanepi (??) , Bartoli , Zvonareva.

Most of the girls ahead of her are likely to go pro unless one really wants to be ITF Junior Champ.
i would not expect kaia to play juniors next year, shes shown that juniors arent that important to her and shes posted some great result(s) on the wta in germany, and some great challenger results as well. especially on clay, i cant see her playing juniors as she clearly dominates on this surface.

<br />as for anna, shes 1) hott 2)got the game!!
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