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Who, in your mind, is currently the 3rd best player?


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Who, in your mind, is currently the 3rd best player?

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I'm talking current 3rd best female tennis player, not ranking, just in case someone needs clarification.
Let me go by elimination.

- If Serena is playing anyone and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the best player right now.

- If Venus is playing anyone but Serena, and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the second best player right now.

- If Clijsters is playing anyone but Serena and Venus, and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the third best player right now.

- As for the fourth best, I don't have any solid expectation but Justine does come to mind as well as Davey, Cappy and Momo.

As a side point, when the first and second best don't or can't play due to various reasons including illness, why can't we accept that it behoves the third best to take the helm and be #1?
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Justine is # 3 for me behind Kim and Serena
Kim, Justine is the 2nd
Juju_fan said:
The average points mean nothing: if you play only the slams, and you do well there, of course you'll get better average because there's more points to win at them! Now, if someone wins every Tier II or Tier I they play, they can't average more than 350 pts/tournament for obvious reasons!

The more you play lower events, the more your average is lower. Does that mean the players who do that perform worse? Not necessarily!
Understood; this is why I clearly indicated:
Given that we are 2/3 through the tour year...
So far, we've had 3 slams, numerous Tier-1's and Tier-2's. Based on that, I stand by my statement to the effect that an avg at this point does carry meaningful info.
bandabou said:
1. Serena: duh...
2. Venus: her play against Kim this year gives her the nod.
3. Kim: most consistent and I think she´s better than Justine on surfaces other than clay.
I agree!

( :eek: )
1. Serena
2. Kim (if Kim can win the US OPEN, I count them both as the best player of this year!)
1 slam is equal to 2?? :confused:

then Henin and Clijsters deserve to be rated the best with Serena ;)

nahhhh i get what u mean, Kim has OWNED the lower levels this year (lower as in non slams lol :))
Post Acura-03 final, who really is the third best in your mind, say, after healthy Serena and Venus?
obviously serena, venus, kim and justine are the top 4 but in what order?

i think there is no doubt based on results that serena is the #1 as she has won 2 of the 3 slams this year. if we o one grand slams won then henin is next but venus has bee to 2 of the 3 finals this year. but venus hasn't done that well outside the slams so imo that has to put henin in front of venus, of course justine lost to venus in their only match this year but we have to do this on overall results (even though i believe venus is the better player). but we also have kim, shen hasn't won a grand slam but she's been to a final and 2 semis, that's not a grand slam win but she has done extremely well outside the grand slams. the big question is: do grand slams mean more? imo yes because they are the highest regarded tournaments and are usually the toughest to win based on competition and the length of time the tournament goes for. so for that puts kim at #4. which means imo #3 is between venus and justine. since venus hasn't won a slam and justine has plus justine has done a bit better outside the grand slams then that makes up for venus' final spots in those 2 grand slams so i guess i put justine ahead of venus, which means i put venus at #3.
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