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Who, in your mind, is currently the 3rd best player?


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    Votes: 5 5.6%

Who, in your mind, is currently the 3rd best player?

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I'm talking current 3rd best female tennis player, not ranking, just in case someone needs clarification.
Let me go by elimination.

- If Serena is playing anyone and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the best player right now.

- If Venus is playing anyone but Serena, and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the second best player right now.

- If Clijsters is playing anyone but Serena and Venus, and is healthy, I expect her to win. So, in my mind, she's the third best player right now.

- As for the fourth best, I don't have any solid expectation but Justine does come to mind as well as Davey, Cappy and Momo.

As a side point, when the first and second best don't or can't play due to various reasons including illness, why can't we accept that it behoves the third best to take the helm and be #1?
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Interesting metaphor, Da Forehand - presumably Henin sticks her thumb out as she raises the racquet and tries to jump straight into Venus' path?
Actually, the metaphor is flawed - to pass Henin like an ugly hitchhiker, Venus would actually have to physically go past Henin herself. In fact, the way you phrase it suggests that it is Venus who is the ugly hitchhiker since she is the one who, and I quote, "passes her like an ugly hitch-hiker". Hmm, error-ridden on both counts.
Oh, but it is SJW, it is. You see, using the curious logic of WTAWorld I deduce that you wouldn't be making the effort to respond to me if you didn't find my posts funny in some way. That, and I get too much positive rep not to continue with this egregious posting style of mine...
Actually, it's "bollocks", but your point is well taken.
Oh no, SJW - I was employing this unique style long before the concept of reputation points became a reality. They simply confirmed and validated what I was doing, I don't tailor what I say just to suit others.
SerenaJWilliams said:
btw: calling tennis players who earn millions a year stupid only makes urself look MOREso :rolleyes:
Not really - intelligence isn't an essential quality for earning millions, as many moronic company executives and spoilt heiresses have proved in the past. I'll bet I'm more intelligent than a lot of tennis players out there, the difference is I'm not as talented or as strong-willed as them. Well, OK, I'm not talented or strong-willed at all in comparison to them, but I bet I could beat a couple of them at Trivial Pursuit.
SerenaJWilliams said:
someone who earns that much--> isnt stupid. now David Beckham might not be the brightest sod to grace the planet bless him, but golden balls is a VERY VERY smart mofo
Yes, you make a good point... in fact, when I said intelligent, I should have said "knowledgeable". That's the real key difference. I'll bet I could certainly thrash quite a lot of players with a Trivial Pursuit round on literature, if only because seemingly every player has a pathological aversion to reading - I cite Henman's "Nah, I don't like it, it's boring."
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