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Who do you hate to see your fav lose to the most?

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Ok who are the top three players who you most hate to see your favorites lose to?
this isn't meant to be negative or rude I'm just curious...

For me its 1 Dokic
2 Martina Hingis
3 Jennifer Capriati
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I hate to see Conchita losing to Arantxa. It just makes me sad.

Arantxa... I didn't use to like it when she lost to Graf. Now I can't think of anyone that annoys me by defeating her ;)
Fuck you Bea:rolleyes:j/k!

1. Jennifer
2. Amelie
3. Jelena
Conchita to:

1. Seles
2. Sanchez
3. Pierce

Marta & Mariajo to:

1. a non spaniard
2. a spaniard
Jennifer to :

1. Venus Williams
2. Serena Williams
3. Justine Henin

4 - ALEXANDRE STEVENSON :fiery: :fiery: :fiery: :fiery: :fiery:
I hate to see Justine or Martina lose to anyone frankly.

Particularly though I hate to see Justine lose to Monica, because twice she's led Mon by a set and still lost, so that puzzles me and makes me anxious, but on the other hand I don't really mind who my faves lose to as long as their giving it all.
I dislike every loss of my favs.
I really really hate when Lindsay looses to:

1. Venus Williams
2. Serena Williams
Here is my list

Lindsay Davemport

1) Venus Williams
2) Serena Williams
3) Jennifer Capriati

.... although I just hate seeing Lindsay lose.

Jennifer Capriati

1) Venus Williams (just hate seeing Jen lose to Venus)

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O wonderous Diosa Contable, would you enlighten me about what made you dislike Arantxa? I must have missed an episode :eek:
I hate to see Arantxa lose to anyone ranked lower than her usually, and I always hated if she lost to Conchita, Tauziat, or Amanda because she had a great head to head against them so to lose to them was not good, lol
Martina to:
Jennifer Capriati
Venus williams
Serena Williams

Amanda to:
Arnatxa Sanchez Vicario
Conchita Martinez
Nathalie Tauziat

THAT'S MS WILLIAMS IF YOUR NASTY and I hate to see her lose to

1. HINGIS!!!! ACK!!! (well, Venus beats herself more than Hingis beats Venus with a ton or UEs and poor serving)

2. Henin - I like Justine but I hated when Venus lost to her. There is NO WAY Venus should be letting some girl half her size push her around the court.

3. Irina Spirlea
- The Old Days
I hate it when arantxa loses to:

1.Kim Clijsters(urghhh she can't beat her!:fiery: )
2.Monica Seles(another one she has trouble with:mad: )
3.Jelena Dokic
Sandrine to anyone ranked above her who she takes a set off of.

Amanda to Aranxta, and the hard hitters.

so not many then! ;)
HINGIS to lose to:


2. An oppenant ranked below her.

3. Lindsay/Venus - but you can usaully get a good match whatever the result
I hate Hingis loosing to...

Any one ranked lower then her,
lol... so many people hate it when their favourites lose to a Williams eh? ;) :D

I hate it when Venus loses to:

1] Martina! :fiery:
2] Anyone ranked below her
3] Babara Schett? lol... well, you know the FO loss :(

I hate it when Serena loses to:

1] Jennifer!! :eek: I always get a heart attack watching this!
2] Venus ... well... :rolleyes:
3] I really don't know anyone else :eek:

I hate it when Lindsay loses to:

1] Jennifer (I don't see why she should lose)
2] Serena ... i don't mind if it is a long match, but 6-1 6-2??! I'd like to see more!!
3] I really don't know anymore :(

I hate it when Iva loses to:

1] All the players she ought to beat, but doesn't
2] All the players who had tight matches with her but won
3] Bah! I can't think of anymore :(
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