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Who are the home teams for Round 1?

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HELP! :eek:

Does France really have to travel all the way to Argentina??? :fiery:
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Thanks, Lindsayfan...

How incredibly unfair! They're the seeded team and they don't even get to pick the surface. That travel schedule will be brutal for the Frenchie girls. :fiery:
yes u r right,but french girls are stronger than argentians so i'm sure they will win ;)
Dont be so sure on that Lindsayfan ;) :eek:

Hi Ed! :wavey:

At least France doesnt have to travel to Belgium to take on the defenfing champs :eek:
So I should be grateful??? :mad: ;)
Well kiss you too Sweetie! :kiss::p
More then Grateful Ed, not only do we have to travel there, but they got choice of surface as well :(
It's not's just not fair. :mad: ;)
Ed: calm down ;) ;) ;)

Sandrine and Amelie will take care of everyone. :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

I hope so anyway.
she will probably be in the states in april as well ... so it won't be that bad
Jerome, maybe I am getting a bit ornery in my old age. :eek: ;)

Seriously, I don't think Sandrine had planned on being in the States in April...

She plays enough tournaments as it is and as much as I'd like to see her play the American clay court events I'd prefer that she rest. She rested during April last year and was fresh enough to perform well in the European clay events. The way it stands now she'll have to fly cross continent just to play Fed Cup then fly back for the Hamburg or Bol tourneys the following week, assuming she's commited to either one. :mad:

She may register for Hilton Head the week before and skip Bol/Hamburg but I doubt it. I just hope it doesn't twist her out of sorts.....our baby needs her rest! ;)
very true ed ... i have never really liked fed cup in the first place ... and now it might ruin sandrine a bit :(
croatia is at home!
Hmmm....I wonder if Iva will play???

And for that matter who will make up the Italian and American teams? I'm hoping Silvia, Rita, and Francesca have mended their differences with the Italian Federation.

As for the U.S., it's anybody's guess. I'm thinking Jennifer and Monica are more likely to play than Serena and Venus. I'm guessing Lisa will probably be asked to play doubles. Meghann is also a possibility. Anybody seen Chanda??? :confused:
news about italy:they will play in Milan-i think indoor cos in april there is very cold in Milan-and on this moment Silvia,Rita and Francesca dont want to play.i dunno if something will change,but i dont think so.
Thanks, Lindsayfan....that's too bad about the Italian girls. The match would draw so much more interest if Silvia, Rita, and Francesca were playing. :(

Any idea when Lindsay is expected to return? I thought I read that she'll most likely target the grass season for her return but I'm really not sure. :confused:
Lindsay is expected to return for grass season,but it's not sure.
I am pleased to hear that Argentina recieves France on april. The girls will play in Cordoba, on clay surface and they feel very very confortable there.

So, let's see what the frenchies can do about it:rolleyes:

GO ARGENTINA:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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