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Who are the best athletes on the WTA tour? (No Williams, please)

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I adore Venus Williams. She's the only tennis player who matters. But for purposes of this discussion, neither her presence nor that of her sister helps much. And would likely lead to off-topic arguement.

Another way to look at this is , suppose the WTA had a celebrity heptathlon event (The Jackie joner Celebrity Invitational!) for the top twenty.

Who would win?
Who would be the top five?

Here are the heptathlon events, just for yoks.

Day 1
60-meter dash
long jump
shot put
high jump

day 2

60-meter hurdle race
pole vault
1000-meter run.
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alfajeffster said:
Why not throw in a chess match and really make it interesting?

I can't think of any potential grand masters on the WTA tour that I've seen.
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