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Who are the best athletes on the WTA tour? (No Williams, please)

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I adore Venus Williams. She's the only tennis player who matters. But for purposes of this discussion, neither her presence nor that of her sister helps much. And would likely lead to off-topic arguement.

Another way to look at this is , suppose the WTA had a celebrity heptathlon event (The Jackie joner Celebrity Invitational!) for the top twenty.

Who would win?
Who would be the top five?

Here are the heptathlon events, just for yoks.

Day 1
60-meter dash
long jump
shot put
high jump

day 2

60-meter hurdle race
pole vault
1000-meter run.
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Ryan16 said:
Notice that thats the point of the thread dipshit.
...and this the very reason this thread is meaningless...but I'll give it a try

Chandra Rubin
Alexandra Stevenson

there. Go tear 'em up gals! :bounce:
Seles said:
Here's a question for you (and feel free to include ALL players)....

Which tennis player(s) have qualified for Olympic competition in a non-tennis event. Qualified does not mean they actually participated in the Games.

get your own thread.
Knizzle said:
My name is in your mouth why?? Remove it.
No don't remove it. Push it deep down her throat until she gags.
Ryan16 said:
Why? Maybe because they're repetitive, and show no original thought whatso ever, just spewing up what other Williams fans have already said. Thats just mine, and others opinions though.
I like what Bandabou has to say. So get lost! :bolt:

Besides, your opinion have no credence to a William Fan.
Seles said:

How is this offtopic? I guess I could have taken the time to spell out that perhaps if a tennis player qualified for Olympics in a different sport than tennis, that perhaps they are actually more athletic than just for the demands of tennis.

So, qualifying for Olympics in separate event does illustrate some form of athleticism above and beyond the scope of tennis.


:rolleyes: Is the sun shining in your parts of the globe?

Besides, this is not your thread to be generating questions and answers. Therefore, why don't you go start a interesting Monica Seles thread.

Something like, "Will Monica Come back to the Tour 30 lbs. lighter" or

"Will Monica ever stop looking like she's running in quicksand"

You know, the things that would put your favorite in contention.
Seles said:
Why are you being so rude to me? What have I done to you? Is this thread owned by you?

And what has Monica got to do with anything I've said.

Is it hard to type with that big chip on your shoulde?
awwwwwl, You sound so cute. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. K.

Just looking for some drama to get into this a.m. Since you are not taking the bait, I guess I'll go to the hip hop site and get into some Fiddy cent/Ja Rule nonsense.

Trish101 said:
because, youre old, and we get sick of you and knizzle coming into OUR threads and starting up about "well if Venus isnt here this threads " and "your favs sucks compared to the ws" and it just goes south from there, you are incredibly annoying bandabou, im serious, and you need to lay of the ws bandwagon!

Actually, if you don't like it YOU stay out the thread. The is cyberspace and this is a board. You should bounce. They are speaking the truth.

If you can't stand it Bounce!

ans said:
Why don't you get friends with Bandabou and make up your own nice little website.

We like this one. We have TWO bad azz broads that are wrecking havoc on the tour. Why should we just sit around each other and celebrate. Nope. We'd rather Ramm it down your throats.

I'm sure you understand. You see, its happening to the Kimmy fans. The Justine Camp is having a field day with her. But No one have that edge against us.
ans said:
don't start about how you think she doesn't deserve it...I know you. ;)

We don't have to. She said it for us. Accept your fave as a simifinalist whenever a Williams is in the game.

I want to see you. :bowdown:
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