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Who are the best athletes on the WTA tour? (No Williams, please)

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I adore Venus Williams. She's the only tennis player who matters. But for purposes of this discussion, neither her presence nor that of her sister helps much. And would likely lead to off-topic arguement.

Another way to look at this is , suppose the WTA had a celebrity heptathlon event (The Jackie joner Celebrity Invitational!) for the top twenty.

Who would win?
Who would be the top five?

Here are the heptathlon events, just for yoks.

Day 1
60-meter dash
long jump
shot put
high jump

day 2

60-meter hurdle race
pole vault
1000-meter run.
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sartrista7 said:
With you and Knizzle around, how could we forget? :rolleyes:
My name is in your mouth why?? Remove it.
sartrista7 said:
Because of this:

Facile, erroneous and completely unnecessary.
Just like this thread.
SerialKiller#69 said:
The Williamses are at a different leve in terms of athleticism. They're both powerful and fast. Some girls may have the explosiveness and the speed of the Williams but they fall short with their stamina.
Yes, if the WS ever do get tired, they hide it well.
Trish101 said:
if jen wasnt dominating ...then why did she and not Venus win the 2001 tennis award? yeah i thought so, just fuck off, oooh and go buy the current TENNIS Magazine, theres a great article on Jennifers backhand, Chris Evert discribes it as... "textbook" and i thought you said her backhand sucked?!
She won that because she was the comeback story of the year. Her backhand is textbook, but it's still not good enough to trouble her opponents which is why they pick on it repeatedly.
Trish101 said:
Knizzle, thats funny because ive never seen Jens opponents attack her backhand more than they would, oh, say her forhand, in fact she won her first slam using her great backhand, so your not bright either obviously....or do you just forget that Jen won that slam mainly because of her backhand??? YEAH THOUGHT SO!
That's funny because I saw Venus expose Cappy's weak backhand at the US Open 2001. Davenport always pounds Cappy's backhand also which is why she is 9-2 against her. Davy is good, but I don't think she should have a 9-2 record against Cappy. Jennifer should be beating her, but she can't get figure out how to keep Davy from pounding her backhand.
Trish101 said:
just goes to show that just because you say something, doesnt mean its true Bandabou, Jennifers backhand is beautyfull, and among other things its "hit properly" Chris also when on to tell evryone confidently that the great thing about Jens game is that she doesnt have a "bad shot" not one bad shot, backhand forhand, serve volley ect, that hurts her to the point where she is vulnerable....go read the article bitch, you might learn something (but im not holding my breath)
Could you give me a link to that article?? Thanks!! :kiss:
Trish101 said:
TENNIS i always have repeat myself? god!
I know that, but I don't see the article. Could you give me the link snookums?? I'd appreciate it. :kiss:
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