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Who are the best athletes on the WTA tour? (No Williams, please)

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I adore Venus Williams. She's the only tennis player who matters. But for purposes of this discussion, neither her presence nor that of her sister helps much. And would likely lead to off-topic arguement.

Another way to look at this is , suppose the WTA had a celebrity heptathlon event (The Jackie joner Celebrity Invitational!) for the top twenty.

Who would win?
Who would be the top five?

Here are the heptathlon events, just for yoks.

Day 1
60-meter dash
long jump
shot put
high jump

day 2

60-meter hurdle race
pole vault
1000-meter run.
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bandabou said:
Notice that this is when the sisters aren´t around.

Notice that thats the point of the thread dipshit.
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bandabou said:
Just to renotice it.

P.s.: is dipshit even a real word?!
P.S: Is renotice even a real word? Actually, no. :) But dipshit is much more colorful, and fitting for someone like you.
bandabou said:
As they say

Drama: NO
As who says? I can't even think of a comeback because that post is so stupid.
bandabou said:
Don´t you know that saying?! It is a very popular one....if you live in the civilized world you would know it...alas,

Oh my, that showcased your intelligence to the fullest.
bandabou said:
Anske, why..why?!

Why? Maybe because they're repetitive, and show no original thought whatso ever, just spewing up what other Williams fans have already said. Thats just mine, and others opinions though.
Ballbuster said:
I like what Bandabou has to say. So get lost! :bolt:

Besides, your opinion have no credence to a William Fan.

This is me caring.:) Why do all the Williams fans respond to my posts then if they don't believe me, wouldn't it be easier to ignore? And you're one of the few who likes what bandabou says.
bandabou said:
Hmm....well than that´s bad,no?! For YOU,not for me! What´s wrong in saying that the Williamses are the best athletes in the tennis world?! Am I lying or something?!

No, but you're not responding to the topic.:) So start your own thread if you want to ooze your off-topic statements. :wavey:
bandabou said:
Why annoying?! You have your favs, I have my favs....probably I´m supposed to be annoying ´cause my favs are better than your favs?!

I´m sure if it was TOWA you´ll make sure to let everybody know too.
No, you tard. It gets annoying because you come into a thread saying it's stupid because your beloved Williams sisters aren't there.
bandabou said:
Tard?! As I said: DISRESPECT : NO

If you take out the sisters, there aren´t that much athletes left imo. Kim, Jen, Justine, Amelie....sure there are players that can run hard, but that isn´t athletiscism imo.
Disrespect: No? bandabou is a moron: Yes. :)

Your post this time is much more sensible. If you had said that at the beginning, I wouldn't rant about your stupidity as much.
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