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I was wondering if you guys could post stories and all from the WTA tennis players you've met?

I've met, Jennifer Capriati, Jelena Dokic, Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, Serena Williams, Amelie Mauresmo, Nathalie Tauziat and Barbara Schett

Jennifer seemed pretty nice. She was practising with Jelena and after their session they signed autographs but Jen seemed in a hurry to leave and so she left. Jelena stayed back to take pictures and sign everyone else's autographs.

I spoke a little with Jelena about how she was going etc and got a few autographs, picture etc. I was sooo star struck but she was REALLY nice.

Venus was also really nice. I met her at the Crown Casino and got a picture with her and her mum (Oracene?). They were really nice and we're joking etc. It was after she beat Amelie and she seemed to be in good spirits.

Martina was also pretty nice, she seemed to be very robotic. Like she just signed and that's it, not much emotion but I mean, she was probably tired after her session but she made sure she signed as much as possible.

Serena was really rude and I don't know why. A lot of the fans were not very impressed with her.

Amelie was also really nice and talked with some fans and signed autographs and she seemed genuinely warm towards everyone.

Nathalie seemed a little angry that no one seemed interested in her. In fact, a fan pushed her out of the way trying to get to another court. She seemed a little surprised when we asked her to sign our autographs coz we like the only ones who knew her but she was happy to sign and speak.

Barbara Schett seemed a little fake, like she was only smiling because she's meant to and signing because it'll look bad if she doesn't. She seemed more interested in talking to another Austrian guy, I think his name is Werner Schlager (a table tennis player) but at least she took some time out to sign autographs.

The most amazing thing I saw must go to Jelena Dokic and Martina Hingis.

They were talking together and all these fans came up to sign autographs. They signed a few and then pretty much 60% of the rest of fans didn't have a pen. So Martina and Jelena walked into the restricted area. People thought they had left, but about 2 minutes later, out they came with pens to finish signing for everyone and they took pictures etc.

There was this kid in a wheelchair and Martina and Jelena bent down so they could take a picture with him and gave him a kiss on each cheek at the same time when they were taking a picture! :)

Martina, Venus and Jelena were probably the nicest I met.
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