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which players will step up in the next couple of years?

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step up to the top level and consisently beat the top players (lower part of the top 10). i'm thinking hantuchova, sharapova and maybe safina but i defiantely think sharapova and hantuchova will become top players.

in my mind i keep seeing venus, serena, maria and daniela as the top 4 players. the mind can play funny tricks but still i hope this is true for some reason i also see them as far ahead of the rest of the pack but in reality i know clijsters and henin have stepped things up this year and i don't see them falling off the grand slam contender list
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Gowza said:
next couple of years, not right now.
Exactly, do you see Justine or Kim slowing down now that they've just made their mark on the tennis scene with winning a Grand Slam and becoming number one, respectively? I think that this is just the beginning of things to come from the Belgians. Justine have never hinted of giving up tennis in the coming future and she is probably the one out of the top 6 who has yet to incur a major injury along with Kim.

I think Justine will be stepping up to that number one spot within a year.
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