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After Anke´s retirement, reaching the 3rd round of a GS might be a success for us 2002 ; but who of the girls will climb the rankins and reach at least top40 and which will fall !?

I think that Babsi Rittner took a step in doubles this year to reach top30 level and should move Kveta back in that direction as well and that might help her to keep form for top50-60 but not more

Weingärtner seems to be bothered playing in Germany but plays most events outside of Europe ; she might keep points by playing minor events but losing Charleston points will make her fall to top70-80 level again

Bianka Lamade must have 2-3 good showings to equalize her points from Tashkent when she probably plays Vienna this time instead of going to Uzbekistan ; top40 is likely

Kandarr must do well early to equalize French Open points in what could be her last-but-one-season<br />- top50

Greta Arn took a set from Lindsay in Melbourne and must live up to that potential in reaching top80 ; Müller must face the difficulties of expectation now and has to be top80 soon too
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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