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Which Grand Slam has the best tournament schedule ?

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Every GS has a different system to spread the 254 singles matches over the 14 days.

A short summary of the differences:

Australian Open - the first 5 rounds it's the same for men and women: each round takes 2 days.
Then, on the 2nd thursday, there are 2 women's SF and 1 men's SF. On friday, just 1 men's semifinal.

French Open - only the first 3 rounds it's the same for men and women.
On the first sunday, all 8 women's and 4 men's 4th round matches take place. On monday, the other 4 men's matches.
On tuesday, all 4 women's and 2 men's QF.
On wednesday, the other 2 men's QF.
Then it's the women's SF on thursday and men's SF on friday.

Wimbledon - first 3 rounds like FO, but on sunday there are no matches.
On monday, all 4th round matches take place.
On tuesday women's QF, on wednesday men's QF.
Rest see FO.

US Open - here the men's first round takes 3 days.
So we have 4 women's and 2 men's QF on wednesday, 2 men's QF on thursday, women's semis on friday, men's semis AND women's final on saturday and men's final on sunday.

At all slams (except Wimbledon), you can notice the tendency to avoid days with only women's matches. So you can can have the complete women's QF on one day while men's matches are splitted.

So my favourite here is Wimbledon, as men and women get the same attention.
Only problem is that, because of the day off, you might have to play every day in the 2nd week if it has been raining.
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Clearly, Roland Garros.

USO is def the worst with the SF and F on back-to-back days. Too bad the American television takes precedence over the athletes' health.

Wimbledon's off middle Sunday is archaic and stupid. And all 4th rd and QF are back-to-back.

Aussie's QF and SF for half the draw on back-to-back days is not too well planned out.

The French, which only required that half the draw play 3rd round and 4th round back-to-back is def the fairest on the players.
AUS OPEN .... at least the women do get their QF on the main court unlike @ Roland Garros
Justin - Sunday off is a tradition, for religious reasons. Not stupid, just backwards.
wimbledon, I mean they even have a ladies day, what more do you want:)
Eggy, I agree with FO. It's always like 'We can't treat the average fan with women's tennis, so we put them on a different court for those who HAVE to see it.'

P.S. Thanks for the nice comment in my 'Monica-bashing-thread'. ;)
I can only give it back, you have tons of posts but I never read a useless one. :)
irma: Yes, the first tuesday is called 'Ladies' day' but this year it wasn't one. The first match was the defender's one (Venus) but then 2 men's matches followed so it didn't make a difference.
Wimbledon: a few years ago they used to schedule more ladies matches on the Tuesday, hence the name "Ladies Day"

but now they have gone along same way as other slams and do it along lines of draw top/bottom but at least the Womens Champ knows when she is 1st on.

Also like Wimbledon's Ladies QF day but they get split on two courts so you can only see two LIVE.

GoDom ... No probs :)
The Us Open is the worst:mad:
At least now the women know when their final is.

Wimbledon is still the best IMO, but if the Frenchies would only put all the ladies on center court for the quarters then it gets my nod.
I agree with Rollo, if Roland Garros put the women on centre I would vote for it over Wimbledon (no play on middle Sunday is so annoying).
Wimbledon without that stupid free sunday
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