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Or, if you don't like dinner parties, which 12 people would you choose to converse with? Doesn't have to be people you admire - can be people you detest. So, my 12 are:

Tori Amos - absolute heroine, total goddess. I'd give anything to interview her.

Marshall Mathers III (Eminem) - I think Eminem's great, and it'd be so interesting to talk to him face-to-face, to peel back all those personalities.

Alastair Campbell - (for those who don't know, he's the premier spin doctor for the UK (New) Labour party). I admire him a lot, actually: there aren't many political heroes in the UK, but if pressed he'd be mine. (Apart from the whole I-don't-believe-in-heroes thing.) Incredibly talented. Also incredibly sexy.

Cate Blanchett - *the* best actress of our generation, in terms of just BECOMING her character. So what's she really like? And how does she do it?

Arundhati Roy - I admire artists who are ready to take a political stand, and really mean it. Her best moment was declaring that, should India continue testing nuclear weapons, she would declare herself an independent mobile republic.

Bret Easton Ellis - amazing, amazing author. I'm sure he's been told many times before that there's only one Aphex Twin though.

Bjork Gudmundsdottir - in her interviews, there's this great, overwhelming passion for music - just music, without the constraints of genre - which comes across. She gets really excited about new music, and it's a passion I share.

Venus Williams - again, I'd love to interview this woman. Witty, intelligent - and very enigmatic.

Tracey Emin - again, someone whose public image has almost replaced her. And I love her art.

Aung San Suu Kyi - how can one woman be so damn brave? I would've given up looong ago. Truly an inspiration.

Andrew Rawnsley - UK political journalist - wrote New Labour exposé style book called 'Servants Of The People' which is one of the best reads I've had in ages. Genius. The hack's job isn't just to report opinion, but to create opinion. Journalists are now more powerful than politicians. Which is the way it should be.

Ian Brady - Moors murderer - maybe sick, but it's always fascinating to chase the dark side of things. There's nothing more intriguing than delving inside the mind of a psychopath. And he's ridiculously intelligent, which is never a bad thing.

hmm, I can imagine the conversations now! So: who do you want to talk to, then? :) It's harder than it looks. Lots of people had to be kicked off my list - it's an exclusive thing, darling... ;)

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<font color="orange"> 1. Martina Hingis :kiss: . she is simply the best.

2. Michelle Kwan. Best skater in the world and such a wonderful person.

3. Irina Sltskaya. nice cheeks :eek:

4. Justine Henin. Pretty lady from Belgium

5. Todd Eldredge. I wanna learn how to make a good sit spin!!

6. Shakira. Her music is wonderful

7. Madonna. I need to learn how to dance!!!

8. Alejandro Sanz :kiss: Cause he is the man!!!!

9. Celine Dion. Such a wonderful lady.

10. Gustavo Kuerten. Wanna talk portuguese with him.

11. Johan Paulik :drool: :drool: I need some action!!!!!

12. Gillian Anderson. I will get the X files with her


:) :) :) :)

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Madonna- very insightful and intelligent, plus it would be fun to know who she has had sex with. lol

Dale Earnheart Jr.- I would love to ride in his fast car:) Serious note, I think it would be interesting to see how he is following his dad's footsteps.

Lindsay Davenport- my fav player, have to have her in the mix

Corina Moriu- She is a survivor and I would love to give her a hug

Molly Shannon- She is one of the funniest people I know

Whoopi Goldberg- I just love her

Brady Anderson- HOT, HOT, HOT

Hugh Jackman- See above

Marcia Clark- she is an intelligent women and I would love to talk about how in the hell she love the OJ trail

Britany Spears- I would love to talk to her about how much sluttier she can become. lol

Steven King- My fav author

Cameron Diaz- Just pinch those cute little cheecks

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Aung San Suu Kyi - top of my list. Just so brave.

Emma Thompson - one of my favourite actresses & comes across as an interesting person too.

Nelson Mandela - see Aung San Suu Kyi

The Dalai Lama - I'm very interested in Buddhism.

James Fenton - British poet. Probably the only contemporary poet whom I think is really good.

Omar Bin Laaden - curiosity! :eek:

Germaine Greer - entertainment value, plus I think she and Bin laaden would have interesting conversations...

Alice Thomas Ellis aka Anna Haycraft - a british novelist whom I really like

Anne Robinson - to see if she'd scare Bin Laden!

Eddie Izzard - for some light relief

Andy Hamilton - ditto

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Ooh...good idea for a thread! here we go then, in no particular order :

1 - Courtney Love - absolute heroine of all time, would love to talk music and politics with her

2 - Tori Amos - ditto

3 - Pedro Almodóvar - film director; responsible for making me fall in love with Spain in the '80s

4 - Arantxa Sanchez Vicario - tennis player, ditto.

5 - Martina Navratilova - enough said

6- Margaret Thatcher - could only talk to her *after* I´d eaten, or she´d spoil my appetite, but we´ll give her the hard time she deserves.

7 - Jeremy Paxman, hilarious, and could help out with Maggie.

8 - Jennifer Saunders - would be fascinating and hilarious, I´m sure - and
9 - Joanna Lumley - apart from the AbFab connection, seems a really genuine, interesting person (anyone remember the program she did where she was on a desert island alone for a week?)

10 - Liberto Rabal - Spanish actor, to stay for "coffee" after everyone leaves, heh

11 - JK Rowling - a bit tired, I suppose, but I´d love to see how her mind works

12 - and Madonna - it wouldnt be a dinner party without Madge now, would it?

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- Maggie Maleeva (need I elaborate?)

- Martina Navratilova because I admire her

- Margorie Stoneman Douglas the late environmentalist

- Stephen King because he is quite odd and odd is good IMO

- Agatha Christie because I'm a big fan

- The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) because I love animals

- Donald Trump to learn the art of the *game*

- Lucille Ball because I think she is hilarious

- Tallulah Bankhead the life of the party

- Charles Darwin because I'm fascinated by his theories

- Peter, Paul and Mary to sing

- griffin to cook and clean up!!! lol I wuv her! :)


I could think of hundreds more...this is off the top of my head.

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It would be:

Brandy - Because she is my idol, and id love to be everything she is.

Alicia Keys - casue im really proud of what shes done and id love to be like hey!

Martin Luther King - Due to how much he helped coloured people.

Ricki Lake - she means alot to me.

Mariah Carey - just to say hey, and tell her that no matter how things get, someone cares.

J.Lo - cause i like her style and class

Tim - cause id love his positive energy and id need someone to share with!

Marri - i think it would be great to have you there girl!

Tiger Woods - because hes mine.

David Beckham - So i could get his mobile number!

Victoria Beckham - because she makes me laugh!


Ali G - cause well, he makes me laugh so much!

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Mariah Carey-as Kisha said

Mother Teresa-cos she did alot to help the poor and didn't get the praise she deserved

Nelson Mandela-he is a survivor and a revoluntionary

Jodie Foster-just love to knw what goes on in her head

Jordan-just to see if anything does go on in her head

Dominque Van Roost-My fave tennis star ever

Salvador Dali-the man is a genius

Richard Branson-to see how he achieved wht he did

Aaliyah-cos she's an inspiration

Ghandi-again a man of great courage

Hitler-just to talk to him

Cathy Freeman-has achieved so much and she a perosn fighting not only her herself but her people

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1. Definitly Pär Zetterberg: a very good soccerplayer, but also a wonderful person. The big example for all soccerplayers

2. Zinedine Zidane: in my eyes the best soccerplayer I've ever seen on the fields. And a great person too.

3. Justine Henin: I've been a fan of her for several years now..she's a nice person, very friendly. And she still keeps the same simple girl, even if she's such a big topplayer.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar: the eye needs something too huh? :drool:

5. The Dalai Lama: I really want to find out what's so special about that guy..

6. The guy (yeah it was a guy) who invented tennis: to thank him

7. Einstein: the man was a genius, and had very interested theories...I would like to know if he's really crazy ;)

8. Hitler: trying to find out how such a guy could start a worldwar. I think he had something very convincing about him.

9. Julius Caesar: genius in tactics, and did incredible things in his time.

10. Chief Joseph (In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat ) of the Nez Perce indians. Well known for his resistance to the US.

11. Almost forgot: Sandra Bullock: gorgeous woman, and a wonderfull actress

12. All my friends on this board: you are all great :D

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Julie Halard D - The. Best. Ever. Enough. Said.

Lori Petty - My Dream girl! (sigh)

Drew Barrymore - Cuteness personified. Nice girl too. :)

Paul Dickov - Scored the greatest, most important goal Ive ever seen for Man City, in the 2nd div playoff final. I am ever gratfeul to him.

John Mcenroe - Widely hated, but I think he is fun and interesting and would spice things up.

Mel Giedroyc - Cult Brit TV presenter and all round top lass

Winona Ryder - One word: yum!

Ellen Degeneres - Naturally funny, impossible not to like.

Bill Clinton - Kinda like Bill, despite his obvious faults...having that goof GW Bush in power makes him seem all the better. I fear he would make off with some of my female guests though. The cad!

Robbie Williams - Interesting bloke, talented, cocky but shy. Nice guy.

That'll do for now. :)

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<b> Hitler </b> - To see if he was as much of a bore as I think he would be. And to see the look on his face when he looks to his right and sees...

<b> Oscar Wilde. </b> No explanation needed, I think.

<b> Frank Zappa. </b> Would deliberately annoy the hell out of Hitler, and just be generally contrary. I'd ask him to leave his guitar at home though.

<b> Agatha Chrisite </b> just out of interest, and to know how she manages to get so much social sterotyping into one novel.

<b> Leni Riefenstahl </b> - interesting.

<b> David LaChappelle </b> - to take the pictures!

<b> Allen Ginsberg </b> he'd probably need to wash his mouth out first, in case he offended either....

<b> Mary Magdalen </b> or <b> Jesus Christ </b> - Hey, this is my party!!! (I would ordinarily try to avoid couples though)

<b> Nigella Lawson </b> - to provide the food as well as the eye-candy.

<b> Prue Leith </b> - No dinner party would be complete without a bitter rivalry, and a good deal of tut-tutting.

<b> George Orwell </b>

<b> Me!!!! </b>

If any of them failed to show, on standby:

Cate Blanchett
Juliette Binoche
Virginia Woolf
Angela Davis
Sir Isaac Newton

... they'd make the next one, definitely.
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RSVP - Here is my wish list

Ashton Kutcher - Need someone to swoon at, eye candy!

Seann William Scott - He makes me laugh

Madonna - Would just be interested in what she had to say

Lindsay Davenport - My fave tennis player :D

Tom Cruise - to ask him about the whole Penelope/Nicole thing

Eminem - well, my sis needs someone to swoon at too!

Robbie Fowler - How he feels about the way Liverpool treated him. I want to know

James Walsh - I'd want him to sing for me ;)

Mika Hakkinen - because this man is one of the coolest men on the planet

Beck - the 2nd most coolest man on the planet, I would like to dance with him :)

Freddie Dindeleux - Captain of Kilmarnock FC, top defender, and a babe to boot! :p

Paolo Maldini - I've liked him for absolutely ages ;)

(and Martin Luther King, too!)

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1. Nelson Mandela - the guy's a legend!
2. Inge de Bruijn - erm if you don't know why, then come out from under your rock! ;)
3. Patricia Cornwall - my fave author
4. Jacco Verhaeren - Inge's coach... he's a sweety!
5. Kim Clijsters - :)
6. Sharon Corr - my first fave from my fave band
7. Caroline Corr - my second fave from my fave band
8. Andrea Corr
9. Jim Corr - well, I figured if I invited the whole band, they can play for us after dinner! hehe
10. Patty Schnyder - OK, so I should be nice to her! haha
11. Anouk - well, I don't mind her songs, and she seems an interesting person!
12. Justine Henin - well, why not? :)

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1) Martina N.
2) Hilary Clinton
3) Jodie Foster- a true artist
4) Carlos Santana- a muscian and so much more.
5) Michael Stipe (REM)
6) Haruki Murakami- Great Japanese Novelist
7) Paul Bocuse - Great French Chef.
8) Bjork
9) Martin Amis - Uncanny wit.
10) Paolo Di Canio (West Ham)
11) Jeanine Garafilo - More uncanny wit.
12) Carolina Herrera - She's done it all.

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1.Jennifer Capriati-to say her how much i admire her for all she has done...and to talk about god and the world,perhaps to play tennis too.:)

2.Steven Capriati -he is so sweet and masculine,i love him.

3.Blink 182
4.Aerosmith-they`ll enrich the party with their famous music

5.Borrusia Dortmund -my famous have fun with this guys

6.Sandra Bullock -she is the best actress on world,so why not?

7.Dalai Lama -to talk with him about his experience of live

8.Andy Roddick-well,i need some sweet guys at my party :)

9.Hillary Clinton-cool and though woman

10.Tommy Haas-another guy :)

11.Julia Roberts-also one of the best actress in world

12.all my friends-they are really good party-poeple

well...and if there would be place for more people

Boris Becker
Amelie Mauresmo
Justine Henin
Leonardo da Vinci
Linkin Park

ok..think that would be enough people to make a really great party

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excellent, cheers for all the replies :)

Damn, You've reminded me of lots of people I forgot... Madonna, Paxo, Germaine Greer, Hillary Rodham Clinton... I didn't include dead people as a) it'd be too hard... far too hard and b) they'd be a bit stinky and I like my dinner parties classy. :p
sk, James Fenton the only decent contemporary British poet? Carol Ann Duffy? and, ok, I admit that other than her you have a point. Andrew Motion :rolleyes:
hmm, apart from Alastair :drool: my party is suffering from a lack of eye candy. Britney, Anna K, Marat and Jude Law can come along and be dessert. timmbo, I think Britney can become a LOT sluttier...
JonBcn, I love Courtney too! She embodies the true spirit of rock'n'roll. Absolutely insane, in the best possible sense. Maggie T - shudder. I think I'd be too scared.
rightous, I saw a TV interview with Jordan (the epitome of 'nasty girl') and no, nothing goes on in her head. Amazing how one woman can be so stupid. Her poor kid.

Chris Ba - yup, Bill Clinton would be interesting. If only to see what this legendary charisma thing is all about. Although Germaine did once say that he was sexy - but only about as sexy as it's possible for a 50-year-old man with a nose like a fuchsia fruit. lol.

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I don't really like Carol Ann Duffy that much, I'm afraid. I suppose she is a cut above the rest, but still. Andrew Motion, I do like to an extent but he is a little bit pretentious. What I like about Fenton is that he seems so at home with the medium of poetry. He doesn't try and do anything too clever or postmodern with the form, but writes stylish, polished, profound poetry.

But I agree with you on Julian Barnes - I think "Talking it Over" and the sequel "Love etc" are brilliant.

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-Stevie Nicks.... can't help it, still love that woman
-French and Saunders (not one person but hey) because they make me laugh
-JK Rowling... not because I like Harry Potter particularly, but would be interesting to talk to her, find out what she thinks about it (the success)
-Julia Roberts.. saw an interview with her a while ago and she seemed really nice and (cliche coming) down-to-earth
-Douglas Coupland.. cos I like his books
-Bridget Jones (a character, I know, but this is a hypothetical list)
-Rowan Atkinson.. funnny
-Stephen Fry... also funny
-Oprah, just curious. Think she's interesting, and has a lot of charisma, obviously.

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omg! Who the hell dug this up? hehe looking at my list now though, there's a few changes I'd make! ;)

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Angelina Jolie - She's just so down to earth, honest, strong and beautiful!
Martina Hingis - she's my fave tennisplayer, and i just love her.
Michelle Kwan - she's chinese, talented, strong young woman.
Hayden Christensen - coz he's a great young actor
Ryan Phillippe - coz' he's :hearts: lol
Alicia Keys - truly talented young woman with a mind of her own.
Eminem - he's honest and talented
Mia Hundvin (norwegian handball player) - with Mia, you'll never be bored lol. sassy, honest and very funny!
Guga Kuerten - coz he's so sweet
Dr. Dre - entertainment ;)
Anna K - coz Marti is there
Andre Agassi - my fave male tennisplayer :D
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