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Where are the WTA finals promos?

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I've seen the ATP finals event in Houston promoted so much I can quote it. At least 100 times.

I've seen zero, zip, nada, nyet, bagel ads for the Home Depot event in LA this year. And this is after last years disaster with all the top women being there.

The WTA needs to wake up. As Andy screams in the ATP spot "That's not very nice!
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good question... i really don't know... well actually i DO know that the championships wouldn't need much advertising to be a HIGE success again in new york. why did they leave madison square garden in the first place??? and then why hamburg??? and then why la??? bogus choices for all if you ask me... (nothing against germany or cali but they have so many weeks of tennis).
didn't lindsay say some of her FRIEndS didn't know the event was going to be in LA???
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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