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When will Mary Pierce come back on courts??

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Hi!!What a great game that was against Jennifer and Marti...Both played well and there was such an hot day so it was really demanding to play...But hey, when will Mary be back on courts???I just love to see her playing against Jennifer or Marti...Please tell me,if you know!!!:rolleyes:
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On the green clay courts of the USA this spring.

When will the green clay tournaments start?:rolleyes:
Seles, could you please let us know the date of the clay court season in USA? is it at the beginning of march? thanks! :D
Green clay season? I think it will not start until late March or early April, after Ericsson Open.
Mary will play Indian Wells. That has been confirmed. And I also think she'll enter either Doha or Dubai before that..

Mary is entered in Scottsdale (Feb 25 - Mar 3), the week before Indian Wells. She might sneak in and grab the #8 seeding at Scottsdale.


ahaa..Mary will play in Scottsdale and Indian Wells...Great tournaments!!Good luck my Mary!!

PS:please,what is the website of Indian wells tournament???:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Allez Mary!

I think that is the website for both the men and the women.
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