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As of this year, a new player ratings system was introduced to connect all club and tournament-level tennis players from around the world.

Previously, each country had it's own separate player rating system. If you haven't been converted to your new ITN yet, find out and let us know in here.

The new system is still hotly debated as the conversion and the criteria for each number doesn't always match accurately. For more information on the ITN (International Tennis Number), click onto

I'll start us off. My new ITN is 6.5

Previously, my Australian National Tennis Player Rating was N9. Under the new system, I hope to get up to 5.5 by the end of our Aussie winter season. My ultimate goal is to be a 3.

Automatic ITN 1's are professional players with a ranking. ITN 2's are tournament-level players at state, national or international level without a professional ranking. ITN 3's are a step below.

What's your ITN?
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