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What's worse...

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when your fave loses 6-1 6-1 or 2-6 7-6 12-10?

In first case, although it's a painful defeat, you know she had no chance from the start, while in second case you know she had so many chances.
IMO, I prefer Linsay losing badly than her losing after failing to convert 7 match points.
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I think this is an easy question. My fav is Sonya Jeyaseelan and if i see her lose a close match I get sad but then think 'well, it was close and hopefully she wins next time' but if she loses 6-1 6-1 I think 'holy f*ck she must have played shitty today, how embarrassing is that?'
who wouldn't want their favourite player to at least come close to winning?
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