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There are many things a player can do which would be considered "heroic". Since we're in the Sanex Heroes forum, we can discuss the various heroic aspects of our faves.

There's the heroic battle on the court. A player can fight back from a big deficit. Or she can beat a heavily favored opponent.

There's the personal heroism of overcoming obstacles on the way to the top. Maybe she came from a disadvantaged background. Maybe she's overcome tragedy in her life. Or perhaps she's battled back from numerous injuries.

Maybe she's a hero in the community. She might be highly regarded for her philanthropic efforts, not only giving moey, but her personal time and effort to various causes.

Or she could be a national hero. It could be representing her country in Fed Cup and Olympics. Maybe she gives a lot of support to the national tennis federation and/or grassroots tennis programs. She might give clinics.

Are there any other ways a player could exhibit heroism? What's the most important quality? Can you give some examples of players performing these different categories of heroism?
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