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Tennis is a wonderful sport that seems to be in a slump in terms of ratings and attendance. I think that the potential is there for tennis to have a huge worldwide audience, but I think several major changes need to be made.

1. Schedule length. The season is too long to sustain viewer interest. The NFL is so popular in part because fans have 6-7 months to anticipate the season. Die hard fans might be able to watch tennis all year, but the general public can't. I think the tennis season (including Davis and Fed Cup) should be 40 weeks at the most.

2. Davis and Fed Cup structure. I think it would be fun to play it like the World Cup with all countries assembled at one location (which would rotate each year). It would make sense to have a 2 week Davis Cup and a 1 week Fed Cup.

3. I think it would be great to have a real buildup before the Aussie Open. I would personally like to see the start of the season pushed back to mid-January and open with Miami. Then another 5 weeks of tournies including Indian Wells (which I'd cut to a 7 day tourney to save calendar space), Dubai, Sydney, etc would lead up to the Aussie Open. The Aussie would then start the last week of February and end in early March.

4. I'd like to see more round robin tournaments

5. I'd also like to see a system where players don't have to plays as many tournaments, but are encouraged to play more of the bigger ones.
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