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Although I do not plan to leave this wonderful board permanently, my usage will be limited because I will be busy attending college within a few days.

To onlookers this may just seem like another city tennis court; unkept; it holds little meaning to many. To my father and I, it holds many memories. It's net sags from years of abuse, small weeds grow within it's cracks, and the once lusterous color has faded to a grayish-green from years of sun and wear. Despite all of this, our dumpy old court is in it's own way far superior to many.[/IMG]

This nearby court has helped my father and I to spend time together, time which we use to never really get. Now that I have grown up, I sometimes look back and don't really remember my father and I spending a lot one on one time together. My mother is a stay at home mom, and my father has been dubbed the breadwinner since my sister and I were adopted. Sure, we spent time together when he had the chance, but usually I found ways to entertain myself. But tennis has allowed us to grow closer, to spend that important one on one time together. Also, for me, it is a time which I can step away from the stresses of everyday life that surround me. For a moment I can pretend. Prentend that I am like Monica Seles and let out a grunt, just for the fun of it. Or I can hit a "blistering forehand" and compare my stroke to that of Jennifer Capriati's; although deep down I know there is no comparision. Tennis is a time to escape for both of us.

My father and I have spent countless hours together on the court, and I am thankful for each and every moment. I will be moving so our "season will be cut short. Today I glanced around the court, and tears began to well up in my eyes. I know there will be other oppurtunites for my father and I to play, but no longer will we be able to spend time on the court on a daily basis. When we usually go to play, I am focused on the good or bad things I did during the match. Today, that was different. These thoughts came to my head as I glanced over the court. Sure, the court is old and worn, but it has character and it has created memories that I will forever cherish...
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