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Serve and Volley is dead. I accept it. For what parents pay for a world class player, they're only going to go for the best coach they can. They're just aren't much in the way of big name serve and volley instructors left.

Anyway, I was watching Taylor Dent, and I realized that that was what set guys like him and Henman, and Pat Cash apart. It wasn't so much serve and volley, as the fact that most modern players only go to net if they expect to have an advantage when they get there.

They play as if 'neutral' favored the baseliner over the net player.

This is actually also true on the men's side. The men don't come in indiscriminantly. Even on short balls, the successful ones make sure to put the ball in a palce to limit the options of the opponent. Dent and Henman take the net when they can get it. That is, they play like the advantage is to THEM at net,in a neutral situation.

The only player on the women's side I've seen play like that recently is Dementieva. Well, Hingis of course. In 1998 she made it look so easy you almost didn't notice she was working her way in. She made it look like the other person fucked up. Which is why consistent, deep, (relatively) error free power could beat her. She couldn't get to net.

Well, outside the top eight none of these players are both consistent and powerful, so that shouldn't be an issue.
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