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What may occur in 2002 WTA Tour.

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Okey Dokey, I am thinking again... And would like to ask you people which of these following(or you can add your own opinions) scenario's will occur in 2002?

<br />1. Martina Hingis wins RG

2. Mary Pierce comes back and gets inside the top 10.

3. Monica wins the French or another Slam.

4. Venus Williams becomes #1

5. Serena Williams wins another slam in 2002

6. Kim Clijsters wins a Slam.

7. Justine wins RG.

8. Chanda Rubin re-enters the bottom teens.

9. Anna K wins a tournament

10. Alexandra Stevenson rises to at least the mid 30's in rank.

11. Jennifer Capriati wins another Slam.

12. Dokic wins a Slam.
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Hehe... 3 of Dawn's scenarios have already came true :)
Hey yeah just saw that one disposable.. wouldn't it be funny if ALL these things occured in 2002??

Step back MISS CLEO here comes Dawnie:) lmao
3 of the original 12 were taken care of already. A few more may join them (as well as some others further down).

I'd be interested to see how we're going to pull off the rest. Like how Martina and Justine will both win RG, Monica will win at least one of RG, Wimb, or the USO, and Serena, Kim, and Jelena will each claim a slam between Wimbledon and the USO. In other words, they'd have to combine to win 6 of the next 3 slams. We're going to need GMT's mastery of time and my mastery of space to accomplish this. :)
Unfortunately #11 has already happened as well.

Brian we will need some magic to pull off that stunt. I think Hingis will win RG(hoping), and Monica wins the US, and hopefully Justine could win Wimby.*crosses fingers*

OK, Martina might win a grand slam this year, she is playing really well now. As Always Monica is playing great and have a chance to take a Grand Slam also. Dokic, Henin and Clijsters will have to wait a year or so untill they will win a Grand Slam. Venus had already become number 1, Serena isn't going to win any slams this year, and the most importnant: BIG NUMBER 11 IS GOING TO HAPPEN:
K JELENA DOKIC will win a slam this year cuz Muahh said so, got it,


Good Luck Jelena!!!
Ok scratch #4 #5 and #8 off the list and still banking on #9 to occur.:)

Congrats to Venus on reaching her ranking, Alex on jumping back up, Serena for reaching that top rank and winning another or TWO more slams, and Chanda Rubin for getting back up in the teens! Now waiting on Anna Kournikova to get her title. And Kim to win her slam.:) I must say that the things that I wanted to occur did:)
lmao, I was thinking about this thread the other day. :D
Number 12 can still happen :) But unlikely on current 'happenings' :( sob sob poor Jelena :(
#15 A Williams wins RG
Whoooohoooo way to go Serena!:D

8. I dont think so, on the down hill of her career.
Chanda sure proved me wrong:eek:
thanx dawn I always find these interesting
I love these threads, BUMP! :D

What do you know, Serena won Wimbledon! ;)
Feeling too lazy to check but how many of Dawn's predictions have come true so far?
I dont know about anyone else, but I was merely looking to see if I said anything terribley stupid :p

Phew, I appear to be in the clear :eek:
Rebecca said:
I dont know about anyone else, but I was merely looking to see if I said anything terribley stupid :p

Phew, I appear to be in the clear :eek:
Yes, you are still in the running for the Nobel Prize for intellect in tennis message board. Congrats. :eek:
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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