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What may occur in 2002 WTA Tour.

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Okey Dokey, I am thinking again... And would like to ask you people which of these following(or you can add your own opinions) scenario's will occur in 2002?

<br />1. Martina Hingis wins RG

2. Mary Pierce comes back and gets inside the top 10.

3. Monica wins the French or another Slam.

4. Venus Williams becomes #1

5. Serena Williams wins another slam in 2002

6. Kim Clijsters wins a Slam.

7. Justine wins RG.

8. Chanda Rubin re-enters the bottom teens.

9. Anna K wins a tournament

10. Alexandra Stevenson rises to at least the mid 30's in rank.

11. Jennifer Capriati wins another Slam.

12. Dokic wins a Slam.
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1. Not unless she gets her act together fast this year. She's got the best chances of winning this out of all the Slams though.

2. I have a nasty feeling Pierce will retire soon. If she does come back, I don't think she'll finish in the top 10.

3. Absolutely not. Monica's Slam days are behind her.

4. Yes, IF SHE PLAYS MORE. It's up to her.

5. Not if she has to beat Venus. If someone else puts out V, certainly she'll win a Slam.

6. I suspect so.

7. Wouldn't bet on it for 2002, definitely for the future though. Having said that, I wouldn't bet on anyone to win RG, and Justine's probably the girl who's the least unlikely to lose there!

8. Hmm, tough. She'll re-enter the top 30 certainly, but competition's tough to get into the top 20...

9. I'll be optimistic and say 'YES' to this one.

10. No. Top 50 at a pinch.

11. Doubt it. There'll be no more taking-people-by-surprise (Oz) or taking-advantage-of-everyone-either-crashing-out-or-playing-crap (RG) nextr.

12. Definitely not next year. Probably in the futue though.
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