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here's my answers for 2002.

1. Martina Hingis wins RG--anything is possible. jury is still out for me until Jan.

2. Mary Pierce comes back and gets inside the top 10--same is Martina, anything is possible, but not sure if she'll reach the top 10, but if she's injury free, she definitely can.

3. Monica wins the French or another Slam--very possible considering her form last summer, and assuming she gets more fit.

4. Venus Williams becomes #1--I'm counting on it. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

5. Serena Williams wins another slam in 2002--I'd say highly probable based on her form at the end of 2001.

6. Kim Clijsters wins a Slam-she will one day, but not in 2002.

7. Justine wins RG--hot prospect, but I don't think it'll happen next year.

8. Chanda Rubin re-enters the bottom teens-she can, providing that she is injury free.

9. Anna K wins a tournament--I think she can do it.

10. Alexandra Stevenson rises to at least the mid 30's in rank--based on her form at the end of this year, I think she is very likely to go up, esp if she gets a good draw at Oz.

11. Jennifer Capriati wins another Slam--doubtful. too many people that will be out to get her next year.

12. Dokic wins a Slam--no way! (not in 2002)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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