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What may occur in 2002 WTA Tour.

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Okey Dokey, I am thinking again... And would like to ask you people which of these following(or you can add your own opinions) scenario's will occur in 2002?

<br />1. Martina Hingis wins RG

2. Mary Pierce comes back and gets inside the top 10.

3. Monica wins the French or another Slam.

4. Venus Williams becomes #1

5. Serena Williams wins another slam in 2002

6. Kim Clijsters wins a Slam.

7. Justine wins RG.

8. Chanda Rubin re-enters the bottom teens.

9. Anna K wins a tournament

10. Alexandra Stevenson rises to at least the mid 30's in rank.

11. Jennifer Capriati wins another Slam.

12. Dokic wins a Slam.
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My 2¢:

1. Could happen. Has to be fit, and get more oomph on her serve. She hit it harder in 97. Now she rarely cracks 90 MPH on the first serve. If that doesn't change, she'll be hard-pressed to win Tier II's. Needs to be less defensive. Must get her game back to where it was in 97, and add some fitness and just a bit more power.

2. If she's healthy all year and plays a full schedule, should at least get into the teens. Would be smart to play a couple of Tier III's to get some matchplay. Motivation could be a problem, having accomplished most of her career goals. If she struggles all year, it may be her last.

3. Results picked up when she returned fitter last summer. If she pulls a "Capriati", and gets even fitter, is a major threat for the first 2 slams, and has a shot at the US Open.

4. If she plays a full schedule, this is highly probable.

5. Either needs to have someone else perform a "Venus-ectomy" on the draw, or has to beat Venus somewhere in a match that counts to prove to herself that she can do it.

6. Possible. There is a lot of talent at the top, and the emergence of Jennifer, and the resurgence of Serena and Monica only make it tougher. I think it's about 50-50. Wouldn't be surprised if she won a slam, or if she failed to make a final. Made great strides in getting results on all surfaces.

7. I think she has more tools than Kim, but runs into some mental problems in big matches. Has trouble closing the deal. Needs to improve that aspect to take home a big prize. I don't expect her to win a slam in 2002, but I can't rule it out, as she has the game.

8. Needs good health all year, and smart scheduling. Play some lower Tier events until she gets her rhythm back. When she returned this fall from her 6th injury layoff of the year, her game was at only about 60%, yet she still was tough to beat. Has only about 80 points to defend prior to Eastbourne. If she's seeded at Roland Garros, this is a lock.

9. Needs to get her serve back to being more reliable. Has all the tools. Could happen if she's forced to "play down" by her ranking. The WTA would be doing her a favor if they don't fudge the wild card rules in her favor. If she plays at least 4 events at Tier III or lower, I'd say there's at least a 60-65% chance of her winning her first main tour title.

10. Possible. I heard she's back with her original coach (Fischer). She seems to be concentrating on being a player now instead of a celebrity. Needs to clean up her game a lot, as her slowness afoot is a liability.

11. I'd say the odds were against it. Her play tailed off after Roland Garros. However, with the pressure of reaching #1 off, maybe can relax and play like she did early this year. I don't expect it, but can't rule it out.

12. Not in 2002. Needs to add a bit more variety in her game, including some coming forward.

13. If the info I've been getting is to be believed, I'd say about 30-70 for it being up within a month. They're bound to be missing those 1.5 million hits a month by now.

14. Maybe. You never know with Patty. Depends on her focus.

15. I don't expect it. It is the one they're least likely to win. However, it's Lindsay's weakest, too, and the other leading contenders all have question marks.

16. Certainly could happen. Her main disadvantage is that her best surfaces overlap with Les Williams, and she's had trouble beating them.

17. Just a single set bagel? Maybe. But if she's of a form to let that happen, she won't be winning any slams.

18. Won't happen. Hingis says there's too much pressure.

19. Won't happen. Momo could win RG, she could even beat Martina in the final. But it won't be a double bagel. <br />20. Needs to work on her forecourt game. Or else play a bunch of lower Tier events. Can cover the baseline well and rip groundies, but she looks bad at the net.

21. Won't happen, but I'm sure they won't go uncriticized.
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I would remind people who doubt #8 that Chanda was #11 at the time of her injury last year. She played more than well enough all last year to be in the top 10, and was held back by some crappy draws. (Playing #1 8 times in a year and a half? Not to mention the other top players.) One major injury (and a couple of attendant injuries), and she's finished? How quick we are to write some people off.
3 of the original 12 were taken care of already. A few more may join them (as well as some others further down).

I'd be interested to see how we're going to pull off the rest. Like how Martina and Justine will both win RG, Monica will win at least one of RG, Wimb, or the USO, and Serena, Kim, and Jelena will each claim a slam between Wimbledon and the USO. In other words, they'd have to combine to win 6 of the next 3 slams. We're going to need GMT's mastery of time and my mastery of space to accomplish this. :)
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