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I also play with 2 hands off both sides (thanks to Monica who inspired me) I started out as 2 handed forehand (that is my big weapon) and a 1 handed backhand. But it was too hard for me to switch from the 1 hand to the 2 handed forehand (and I was not about to give up my 2 handed forehand). So I developed a 2 handed backhand and now it is almost as good as my forehand. I did not win any titles as a 2 handed forehand/1 handed backhand - but once I developed my 2 handed game I have won 4 titles now.
My backhand is more flat - and my forehand does have a little topspin on it, which makes the ball just come down right at the baseline. But I can hit that flat when I need to. My serve needs some work - and that is my main concern right now, I am working on that.
Thanks to Monica - I got interested in tennis - and now it is my passion. I will play tennis for the rest of my life. Play tennis - watch tennis - play tennis video games - tennis message forums!!! AAAHHHHH!!! I am addicted to tennis!!! Oh - and I am definately a baseliner of course.
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