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Ok, this is what I want for a 2002 season:

1)Competition! I want highly comepetitive matches between the top ten players. I want to see guts and passion and intensity and mental fortitude out on the court! I want deft drop shots and razor edged volleys, and pounding groundstrokes!

2) Drama! Give me the drama, baby! I want the hysterics, the fist pumping, the grunts and groans, icy stares, and dismissive shrugs, along with tag team collisions of "spice girls" vs "sisters supreme".

3)New Blood! Step aside and make way for the up and comers. I want the young brigade of top twenty, thirty and forty players to make some noise!

4) Solidarity! With America having five of the top ten I want to see some solidarity! The belgiums have it, why can't we? It would've been great to see an all american tennis ad campaign.
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