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What ever happened to...

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NATASHA ZVEREVA!? :rolleyes:
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Natasha Zvereva...Z-Woman!!!

I like to know the answer myself!!! :sad:

She last played at the Games in Sydney2000... and nothing was heard of her since... :sad:

sorely miss her zany antics as well as her amazing crazy shotmaking...and her Oakleys :cool:
I think she just unofficially retired. Her bio on the WTA site says she missed the 2001 season with injury but I don't think she will be back. I hope she does come out of the blue and surprise us though, that would be cool :)
I miss her style and her spunk... she was definately one of a kind on the tour.
I think she's retired!i doubt that she'll come back now!
What ever happened to....

Nice message Janie, we should be indeed wishing Corina all the best with her health crisis....hope she's back soon!!:D
What ever happened to....

AlexSydney: What ever happened to nice uplifting messages or should I say signatures on this board?? Yours is downright "SCARY":eek: : :eek: :eek:
Thanks, barmaid! I don't want the wonderful Corina :angel: -- another top-notch doubles player! --to be forgotten in her absence.

Actually I turned off the signature feature, so I never see my own or anyone else's any more! :cool:
:sad: come back NZ :sad:
Good question, my guess is she did retire and just never officially announced it.
What happened with Natasha was a real shame, she was really good for the game, I wish she would come back, but unfortunately I think that's her retired :(
Just to cler this up yes she did retire at last year. She did have a good run I think But as it comes an end comes and unfortunaetley for her fans it was the end
Z-Woman... :sad:

i hope she's having loads of fun somewhere out there...

she'll always be one of my favourites...a thrill to watch on a tennis court!!! :cool:
My biggest memory of her was when I attended my first grand slam event... Wimbledon '98. I got to watch her beat Steffi Graf for the first time in, I think it was 17 tries!!!! She went all the way to the semifinals and nearly the final... she lead 6-1 6-5 in the semis vs. Tauziat before falling. I hope she's enjoying herself, wherever she is!
I liked Nat alot too, I adored the fact that she always was a kid at heart. having fun , laughing being a trip:) I also loved her two pigtails that she would wear at times. Ah what a treat she was, I wonder why she just didn't play only doubles though, that was her forte'??:)

Nat rocks!!:)
I miss her! But she lives on in my avatar!

Seriously, I really hope she'll come back and play some exhibitions at the least. I really hate the idea that we might have seen the last of her without a proper chance to say good bye.
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