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What Does Dokic Have To Do?

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it looks like dokic really needs to pick her game up as we can all see that......but what do u think she is doing wrong......?
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after the us open take the end of the year off.
1) Gain some weight. This new-lighter-you ain't working.

2) Start thinking of 'aggression' as moving forward, not hitting harder. She really ought to do what Amelie did and rebuild her game from the ground up.

3) Pick four calendar months out of the season where you WILL NOT PLAY.

4) There's a newfangled concept out there that might prove benficial, if a living soul can be found who teaches it. It's spelled a-p-p-r-o-a-c-h s-h-o-t. As in, 'what precedes a volley winner?'
also learn how to hit a SAFE, EFFECTIVE second serve.

when to mix it up (or how to) and when to actually play some defense. (way way too many unforced errors and no variety. players get very used to her one-paced, one-dimensional game and get everything back until Jelena misses. She does not challenge her opponents with unpredictability which is crucial in adding nerves and doubt to the opponent)
lol another post i didnt post 'take the end of the year off'. i shouldnt leave myself logged on at the internet cafe rada ;)
lol yeah its funny
Maybe she should play more like Elena Bovina!
play with some damn spin
get over her cold. sneezing every shot can't be good for concentration.

vitamin c.
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She needs to cut down on her unforced errors. play some safety shots. Go for angles. Get in net with a GOOD shot and be prepared for when the opponent tries a passing shot. Needs to be aggressive and try some spins also.

She should have beaten Vera in Canada. No disrespect to Vera, but Dokic is a better player, IMO. You could see it in the rallies that Dokic didn't make an error
dokic is better than vera on hard, she has won tokyo(tier2) and achieved alot on hard..but vera is just too consistent for the jelena of today on any surface.
According to Tennis Corner, Jelena exits the Top 20 tomorrow. So she'd better do something, ANYTHING, and fast. Best of luck to her; I'd like to see her turn her season around.
she goes down to #23 which isnt that bad and not truely reflective of where her level has been this year ....below top 30 IMO!

still shell just be about 50 points away form the top 20 and she has zilch to defend pretty much now, so shell finish top 20 atleast...
Jelena's been winning just about one match per tournament this year. Am not sure where that will leave her ranking-wise if it continues, but if it's even top 30, that doesn't say much for what it takes to reach that ranking.

I hope she will start off 2004 by hitting the Australian circuit with all cylinders firing, and get off to a fast start on a surface that should suit her perfectly.
Play 100 tourneys!!, Oh Sh*t, there arn't that many. This is how she got to the top ten in the first place.

Well, she is easy on the eyes! She has potential, but like many others, it is consistancy that plagues her.
VS fan Jelena got to the top ten in 2001 and she deserved it. I think it occured at the end of the season where she built upon winning Rome(tier1) with winning Moscow (tier1), Tokyo(tier 2), and making numerous other finals in big events like Bali(tier2) and more. Im sure she totally deserved to make the top ten.

as to making the top 5...i would say she was never at that level and did overplay, but she did 'earn' it it is not her fault if the others didnt work as hard. Just like kim has earned the no1 rank.

I actually agree with you. It was in 2002 that she REALLY overplayed, and might have even hurt her own chances at a SLAM or Tier I tourney. She IS a great player, if only dad would let her live her own life.
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