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What do you think of Ludmila Cervanova?

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She may be #66, and you may not have seen her do well in any grandslam this year, but this young Slovakian is an excellent and tough competitor, and I assure you, you will see a lot of her next year. 2003 has been a good year for her, reaching 3 semifinals, and 3 quarter finals, including s'hertogenbosch, palermo, acapulco and budapest. She's had wins over higher ranked players in all of her tournaments, her best victory came at the USOPEN, where she rallied a tough 3set battle against Filderstadt semi-finalist Elena Bovina and Magui serna. Her and hantuhcova allowed them to reach the QF at the fedcup. I wish her the best of luck next year
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She's a decent player, but I will be surprised if she goes past top 50 at best. She doesn't have a huge weapon, so she relies on consistent groundstrokes more than anything, she doesn't go up to net much, she could improve her fitness a bit more so that she could play defense a bit better, and her motivation with every match is sometimes questionable. She can be somewhat nonchalant.

I like her though, and hope she can improve on these things, but until she does I can't see her being a real threat on the tour to top players on any sort of consistent basis.
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