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What brought Lindsay back?

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She was really down on herself at Wimbledon, saying things about retirement, etc. But it seems towards the end of the summer, she stopped talking about that. Now it's an "I'm definately coming back situation." I'm thinking it was in New Haven when she retired against Capriati. I was watching it, and when she started to speak, the crowd stopped her with a standing ovation which lasted for like two minutes. Then she started crying to "Awwwwws" from the audience. I think she was really touched. Ever since then it was like, "Yeah, I'll be back next year." Anyone agree?
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I don't know, but I wish we knew the whole story. I would hate to hear that Lindsay decided to play until she has pain again and then retire because that will definitely not last throughout next year. We just need an article or a full interview!
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