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Happy New Year What Band!

Glad to see you figured out some version of the year end list, even without us slackers :) I'm sorry to be so absent from the threads, and the new layout is taking me a minute to get acclimated. It's been a tough last two years but you're always floating around my mind and in my heart.

I'm excited to see some of the music I liked and some I've wanted to listen to, on your lists.

Hope you're all well. 💋

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wow, so much to dig into. i will post my list this weekend, just didn't get around to it.

pam, it's good to have you around. i hope things are okay?
Hi Beat!

I'm glad to be able to stick my head in for a bit :) My oldest suffers from treatment resistant depression and anxiety and believe me, it's no joke trying to deal with it. He's finally on meds that seem to be helping but it's by no means an all clear situation. No magic pills to make everything all right. Thanks for asking and for understanding why I'm focused elsewhere. Still love all of you and miss hanging around.

I'll try to get in more often. xx

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Beats Albums Of The Year 2019

1. Aldous Harding - Designer

2. Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising

3. Cate Le Bon - Reward

4. Boy Harsher - Careful

5. Die Goldenen Zitronen - More Than A Feeling

6. black midi - Schlagenheim

7. Thom Yorke - Anima
8. Olden Yolk - Living Theatre

9. Angel Olson - All Mirrors

10. Girl Band - The Talkies

11. Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs
12. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
13. Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel
14. Chromatics - Closer To Grey
15. Deerhunter - Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?
16. Sleaford Mods - Eton Alive
17. Vanishing Twin - The Age Of Immunology
18. Fat White Family - Serfs Up!
19. These New Puritans - Inside The Rose
20. Ty Segall - FIrst Blood

Honourable Mentions:
Nilüfer Yanya - Miss Universe
Bat For Lashes - Lost Girls
Pixx - Small Mercies
Spelling - Mazy Fly
Metronomy - Metronomy Forever
slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain
Andy Stott - It Should Be Us
Kim Gordon - No Home Record
DIIV - Deceiver
Ladytron - Ladytron

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looking at you guys' lists, i should have included marissa nadler's "droneflower" and the comet is coming in my honourable mentions. enjoyed those releases a lot.

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2019 Favourite Albums

1. Dead Man's Pop - The Replacements
---- Sure it's the 30 year old album Don't Tell A Soul. But it has been un-facelifted. Gone is the shitty late 80s glossy sheen, now sounding like a warts and all Replacements album. And timeless. Mixed as originally started and intended until the record label took it out of their hands and had it "professionally" done. Now, everything sounds better, rawer, realer. Two songs that were skippable (for me) before, are now enjoyable in one case ("I Won't"), with the other being an absolutely essential listen now ("They're Blind.")
2. Future Ruins - Swervedriver
3. Arrival - Fire! Orchestra
4. Sunshine Rock - Bob Mould
5. Trust In The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery - The Comet Is Coming
6. The Afterlife - The Comet Is Coming
The Afterlife
7. Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers - Binker Golding
I Forgot Santa Monica
8. More - Blankenberge
9. Ancestral Recall - Christian Scott aTunde Ajuah
Her Arrival
10. Come Back World - Joseph Arthur
Pale Fire
11. Anguish - Anguish
Gut Feelings
12. The Highwomen - The Highwomen
Redesigning Women
13. Thanks for the dance - Leonard Cohen
The Night In Santiago
14. Ghosteen - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Bright Horses
15. Chi - Liebman, Rudolph & Drake
CHI, by Adam Rudolph
16. Memory Streams - Portico Quartet
With, Beside, Against
17. There Existed An Addiction To Blood - clipping.
The Show
18. Gold & Grey - Baroness
I'd Do Anything
19. It Rains Love - Lee Fields & The Expressions
Wake Up
20. Absolute Zero - Bruce Hornsby
I've listened to all these songs. I particularly liked Fire! Orchestra, Joseph Arthur, Anguish, Portico Quartet and clipping.

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I also wanted to add that I disliked the albums from the following artists (who I had expectations from):

The National
The Black Keys
Sleater Kinney
- This was more enjoyable as a Carrie Brownstein/St Vincent project. It shouldn't have been recorded under the Sleater Kinney name.
Deerhunter - it wasn't the worst thing but I wasn't feeling it
Vampire Weekend - Way too long, too scattered and lacking in focus. Would have been a strong 10 track album once you removed the pointless HAIM collabs.
Mac DeMarco - This one disappointed me a lot
Panda Bear - I enjoyed it but I expected a lot more
Ibibio Sound Machine - this was so lukewarm they shouldn't have bothered
Of Monsters and Men - They hold a special place in my musical heart but this was the definition of disorganised track placement
Girl Band - Sorry Beat :( I love their live show and perhaps this is an album that will win me over when I see them again but I couldn't get into it
Beck - What the eff was this?
Rex Orange County - He's a new flavour of the year artist who had the expectations of the world and managed to record a dull album
Marina - This was one of the worst albums I heard and I'm really irritated she waited this long to put out an album of this rubbish quality.
Two Door Cinema Club - I'm in two minds about whether or not I should feel sad. I am saddened because I was a major fan in 2010/12 and I've enjoyed their live shows a lot even as recently as a couple of years ago. It's obvious their first album will carry them onwards. On the flipside, the lead singer is a pretentious wanker who had the indie world at his control and he has managed to release albums that are worse than the one before and only just realises no one cares about them anymore.
Yeasayer - Exact same story with Two Door Cinema Club except worse. These guys were a personal favourite and they refused to acknowledge they dropped the ball with every album release after Odd Blood yet continued to believe they were the indie darlings they used to be. Good riddance to their arrogance.

I'm still waiting for Artur's list 😇

Beat, Adam, anything I might like from your lists (and don't know yet)?
I think you'd probably hate almost everything on my list. Upon looking back at it, I didn't realise how much I'd deviated away from guitar driven music in 2019. The only artists I would suggest are Fontaines DC, Duster and Amyl & The Sniffers. There's a chance you might also be interested in stuff like JPEGMAFIA, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and American Football.

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I'm pretty sure I'm not into American Football ;)

Thanks for the suggestions I'll check them out.

Adam, I liked the Panda bear's album a lot. But I wasn't a big fan of his earlier work, so it makes sense you go the other way ;)

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yeah, the american football album was rather good in an american-alternative-rock-throwback kind of way, well written and produced.

sleater kinney was definitely the biggest disappointment for me.
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