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What are the little green things under peoples names?

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what are those and how do you get them, an why is mine black and not green and only 1not a lot, somebody help me, thanks!
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those things are reputation points so how more green you've got how more popular you are are they red then you're nog popular at all. Is it black than it is switched off ;) you can give reputation points to somebody bye clclicking on the icon left of EDIT ;) Hope I could help :)
If you want to switch it on (and so be able to see you're reputation points) than go to "user cp -> options" ;)
Well, normally this is the job of lynx, but i'll do it this time :angel:

for all your questions about reputation
The little green dots are reputation points. You can give positive or negative points to other posters and they can give points to you too! :D

The number of dots is dictated by how many points you have. Everyone starts with 10 points=1 green dot. The reason that your dot is black is because you've got your points turned off!!! :p To switch them on, go to your user cp and then click on options then turn on "show my reputation"

You can check how many points you have and who gave them to you by clicking on the user cp page and scrolling down, you can also see the comments that other posters have left for you!

To give rep points to other people - look under the post that you want to give points to and you will see a button
- click on this and a rep points box will appear and then you just give the points that way.
The number of points that you give is all according to how many posts you have and how many rep points you have. The more posts and positive rep points, the more points you can give out to others!!! ;)

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Thankx for info!! I didn't know all that!! :D
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