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What a bunch of ignorants

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I'm watching the Agassi match, and one of the commentator said that Andre's & Steffi's kid has already began to play tennis at 21 months old. He then said that Jaden is 21 months old and he can already beat Anna Kournikova. The rest of the commentators kinda laughed it off without defending Anna.

Now, how low & pathetic is that? Anna has been to the top 10 in singles for a long time, has beaten everyone from Graf, Davenport, Hingis, Capriati, Seles, etc. She's had some great results, semi & quarters in slams, finals of tier 1s. She's won 2 doubles grandslams, been to no.1 in doubles. Sure in the last few years she's struggled with injuries and hasn't done well, but she's accomplished a lot during her career and has proven that she can play top level tennis.

It's a shame that her name is dragged into the dirt like that when she has acomplished more then 90% of the players on tour! Some commentators need to be punched in the face.

I bet if Anna was not pretty or was not blonde, they wouldn't even make comments like this. It's pathetic that these commentators are actually payed to talk out of their asses.
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You don't think Jennifer Lopez has people making fun of her short marriages, her airbrushed tail, her recent movie?
Tom Cruise was threatening to sue people who called him gay.

When you're as big a name as Anna, this comes with the territory.
For all major celebrities.
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