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Womens Fantasy Tour is a fantasy based women's tennis game, where you send in a group of points from 0 to 76, broken down over three sets. These points will then be used to compete with the other Womens Fantasy Tour players in the draw.

When a new tournament is getting ready to start, you find your players name in the draw, and then decide on what points you are going to use.
You are allowed only one player per person, so make sure you are picking the player you want to be. Anyone joining the game now is on a first come first serve basis for what player they want, a list of unavailable players is below.

What I want you to do guys is this, post in this thread the player you want to be. You can pick anyone that is playing today ranked in the top 500.

For a list of the top 500 ranked women players, go to: and click on rankings

Understanding the point system

You will send in your points like this, over three sets you can put anywhere from 0 to 76 in each set, but this is not a case where the higher number wins, and thats the beauty of Womens Fantasy Tour. Gone are the days where you have to spend an hour scouting your opponents playing strategy, because this new system is all about luck. In fact, its 50% strategy and 50% luck.

I am going to give you an example using Lindsay Davenport vs Venus Williams. The points from both players in each set will be combined by me to get one number, which is called an overall number. Alphabetically speaking, the name Davenport comes before Williams, so in this case Davenport will need an overall even number to claim the set, and Williams and odd one. Now when you examine this, you will notice three things,

#1) an even number added to another even number, equals an overall even number (example, 2 + 2 = 4)

#2) an even number added to an odd number, equals an overall odd number (example, 12 + 13 = 25)

#3) an odd number added to another odd number, equals an overall even number (example, 27 + 29 = 56)

This is how you strategize, if you're Davenport, you want to play numbers that you think will come out to an overall even number when they are added to what Williams plays

Lets say these are the points that Lindsay Davenport and Venus Williams sent in, remember using only 0 to 76 in each set,

Lindsay Davenport sent in 25-0-53
Venus Williams sent in 11-21-60

Set #1, 25 + 11 = 36
Set #2, 0 + 21 = 21
Set #3, 53 + 60 = 113

The first set ended in an even number, so Davenport wins it, but sets two and three ended in odd numbers, so Venus Williams wins them both, and the match. Now that we know who won the match, I have to determine the score of the match.

You are not responsible for tallying the score, I am, but I want you to understand how it is done. We will determine the score in a way that is similiar to what we just did, but subtracting the points this time. Have a look at the scoring chart,

Scoring Chart (difference in points)

00 - 09 = 7-6
10 - 19 = 7-5
20 - 29 = 6-4
30 - 39 = 6-3
40 - 49 = 6-2
50 - 59 = 6-1
60 - 76 = 6-0

The exact same points in a set from both opponents will result in a dice roll tiebreaker.

Now lets refresh your memory on the points that were sent in so that we can subtract to get the score.

Lindsay Davenport sent in 25-0-53
Venus Williams sent in 11-21-60

Set #1, 25 - 11 = 14, = set won 7-5 by Davenport
Set #2, 0 - 21 = 21, = set won 6-4 by Williams
Set #3, 60 - 53 = 7, = set won 7-6 by Williams

So the overall outcome would be, Venus Williams defeated Lindsay Davenport 5-7, 6-4, 7-6(0). You go by your last name alphabetically to see if you need and overall odd or even number to win. This new way of scoring s exciting because you don't know if you are going to win.

In the event of Venus and Serena playing each other, they both have the same last name, but Serena comes before Venus alphabetically, so Serena would need an overall even number to win. After you decide on your points you will PM them to me, or email them to [email protected] before the deadline. The deadline will always be posted in the tournament thread. Always remember to include your players name along with your points for her.

example of sending in your points

Monica Seles

We will also be playing doubles, and it will be scored the same way. As an example for doubles, if Martina Hingis and Conchita Martinez had to play Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne, the Cljisters/Henin-Hardenne team would need the overall even number to win, because the "C" in Clijsters, comes before the "H" in Hingis and the"M" in Martinez. In mixed doubles, we will always go by the mans last name.

This is pretty much it, you can play 76-76-70 or 0-0-0 if you like, or you can use tennis scores 75-57-64, 63-64-62, or 64-06-76. When you have decided on who you are going to be after following the rules in the top of this thread, please post the player that you want to be here in this thread. I will come in to welcome you to the game the next time I log on, and tell you when you can start. I hope you enjoy the game.



Winner: 650
Finalist: 456
Semis: 292
Qtrs: 162
Rd 16: 90
2nd Rd: 56
1st Rd: 32

Womens Fantasy Tour Championships
Winner: 485
Finalist: 340
Semis: 218
Qtrs: 121
1st Rd: 67

Tier I Event

Winner: 325
Finalist: 228
Semis: 146
Qtrs: 85
3rd Rd: 45
2n Rd: 28
1st Rd: 16

Tier II Event

Winner: 220
Finalist: 154
Semis: 99
Qtrs: 55
3rd Rd: 29
2nd Rd: 15
1st Rd: 01

Tier III Event

Winner: 145
Finalist: 103
Semis: 66
Qtrs: 37
2nd Rd: 10
1st Rd: 01.

Have fun and good luck to all!

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Players List So Far:

Kim Clijsters (Gabra)
Venus Williams (Venusismyhero)
Tamarine Tanasugarn (zeeson)
Anna Pistolesi (nave 2)
Chanda Rubin (alextreiber03)
Lindsay Davenport (Hello)
Silvia Farina Elia (ComeBackHingis)
Amelie Meuresmo (macmillan)
Sarah Borwell (pdm1987)

Im looking for more players to join! 1st Tournament is coming soon!

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Got 8 players in so far! Everyone please join! If you want to join, post your players name, then go to the commitment thread and commit to the tournaments! First tournament starts next monday!!! :):):)
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