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I am not a Lindsay fan but this is terrible news.


If I'm Davenport, I play the spring hard-court tournaments in the U.S. to keep my ranking in the top five. I skip the clay-court circuit and the French Open, and put in an extra two weeks or so of practice on grass courts. This seems like a reasonable plan.
-- Jamie Prenkert, Bloomington, Ind.
Davenport's best bet, I think, is at the U.S. Open. Remember she won the first set of her semifinal against Svetlana Kuznetsova (the eventual winner) in 19 minutes. Problem is that's seven months away, which means a lot of early morning workouts, nights in hotels, frequent flier miles and therapy sessions in the interim. Especially after that dispiriting and perfunctory Aussie Open final, you wonder if Davenport has it in her. Be sure to catch Davenport while you still can -- book your Indian Wells tickets today.
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