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Yes. Congratulation.
Every time a non-pusher enters the Top-10, it's good news.
Andreescu strikes from both sides with excellent angle. She can drop-shot, volley and doesn't rent a tent behind the baseline like many pushers. The girl plays smart tennis.
Welcome to the Top-10, indeed !!!!!!!!!!
I agree and let me add that has the tenacity and mental strength to win the big points, as if she's a 5x Grand Slam champion. Her desire to win means pushing her body beyond the level of punishment and at her young age, she is cashing checks that her body cannot cash.

Her style of play reminds me of a bit like Marion Bartoli, but more talented. She is fun to watch because she is playing chess, while other players are playing checkers. This is almost unheard of from a player, who is playing her first full season on the WTA tour and has a 44-5 record, winning 3 tournaments, and an opportunity to win a Grand Slam.
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