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Every morning when I walk to school, I have to walk past the Deb Chemical Factory (the company who make Swarfega), and there are always lorries driving in and out the place from other countries.

Anyway, last year around September I used to take this folder to school which had a poster of Martina Hingis on, when I didn't have much to take I used that because it was easier to carry. Anyway, I was walking past the Deb Chemical Factory concerned about getting to school on time, when all of a sudden this lorry honks its horn really loud making me jump, and I'm just about to go crazy at this lorry when... the driver winds his window down and shouts "Allez Martina!!!". I saw the front of his lorry and it was French, and behind him were all these posters of Martina Hingis! It was well weird, but I thrust my arm up in the air and shouted "Allez Martina" back.

Then I realised I was five minutes late for school and would need to get a move on. I arrived late and got told off, but who cares if it is in the good name of Martinaism :)

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OMG!That is sooo cool!My town sucks,no one likes tennis hardly,I live in Louisiana,so....their into football and basketball,ugh...
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